Gaming theme

Have you been wanting to make a game? Then, you’re living in a wonderful time! Ten years ago, when you want to create your own game you have to write all the code in a traditional programming language. You have to use DirectX or OpenGL directly, where you have to write a few dozens line of code just to make an empty window. Now, there are a lot of tools available for you to make it easier for you to make the game of your dreams!

One of those tools is Scirra’s Construct 2. Construct 2 is a really great tool if you want to make 2D games! It has all the functionality and features you need, starting from an easy to use editor, built-in physics, a pathfinding system, a networking system, and many more. Another thing that makes Construct 2 great is it’s extensible, many plugins and game templates have been made to make it even more easier for you to make games.

One of those game templates is made to help you make the RPG of your dream. Creating an RPG is a tough nut to crack (I know, I’ve tried it), it’s like combining several different sub-systems (from inventory, exploration, battle system, to questing and more) into one package that’s called a “game”. Now, there’s a game template that already creates the battle system for you.


This basic battle template contains a turn-based battle system that everyone know and love. With three characters as your party members, each of them can attack, use skills, or use items. The codes in this template are heavily commented to make it easier for you to understand it if you already know your way around Construct 2.


As a basic template, you can freely modify it to fit your needs. You can add more party members into the mix, adding skills and items, or making your own unique battle system. You can get this awesome game template from here: in just $8.


Not sure if that amount of money is worth spending? There’s a web based demo on that link as well, so you’re free to try it out to see whether this template is for you! I hope this game template can help you to make the best RPG you ever dream of.