GEA Becomes the Most Renowned Electricians in Richmond

GEA Group, has become most renowned and trustworthy Electrician in Richmond, Melbourne. Since 1978, the company has been consistently making its way to reach all over Australia with its versatile range of electrical solutions, services and products. The company offers versatile range of electrical services and solutions such as installation of electrical equipment’s in Australia. With over 35 years of expertise in offering electrical services, GEA has won trust and confidence of many reputed companies and entrepreneurs in Melbourne, Richmond and rest of the parts in Australia.


There are many exceptional and innovative services that make GEA to outshine in the industry spread across Australia like a wildfire.

First of all, GEA offers a team of professional and experienced electrician Richmond which is fully trained to handle residential, industrial and commercial electrical requirements. The team is ready to perform wide range of electrical services such as data cabling, lightening etc.

Secondly, our technicians don’t waste time of their clients, therefore respect the time of clients, by reaching at the site on time. They always come on time in order to finish the given task without any delay.

Thirdly, GEA has an important vision finish every project on time without compromising on quality. Our technicians are very trained and smart, and know how to perform every task efficiently without any delay. They maintain high quality standards so that clients come over and over again to us.

Our electricians in Richmond and rest parts of Australia never leave any site in mess. Once the work gets completed they clean the site without leaving any kind of scrap.

GEA offers 12 years of warranty on all electrical works performed by its technicians and electricians. We take complete responsibility of any problem occurred during warranty time period as we believe in building relationships with clients.

Our professional and qualified electricians in Richmond and entire Australia are very prompt, reliable and efficient in delivering best services. They also educate clients and give them all the information about their  home, office or industry in order to make sure that clients should understand what’s going on and how it will going to help them.

Our electricians and technicians are always ready for any type of residential, commercial and industrial electrical fittings in accordance to client’s requirements.

With GEA, customers can get wide range of electrical services such as data cabling, LED lightening, switch board fittings, CCTV installation, flood lightening, new installations, renovations, lightening designs, multi-storey development, retail fitouts, restaurant fitouts, office lightening, security lightening, smoke detectors, phone and data points etc for all residential, commercial and industrial spaces.

Last but certainly not the least, our team of professional and experienced electricians in Richmond, Carlton, Melbourne and rest parts of Australia completely understand and take care of all kinds of emergency electrical requirements efficiently. Hence, GEA has become the most renowned electricians in Richmond, Australia. Know more:

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