Next Generation DSLR Remote and High Speed Trigger

Photography buffs take note, there’s a new camera remote in town, loaded with features, and it’s currently a hit on kickstarter. CamsFormer transforms your camera into a lean mean photograph machine.

CamsFormer is the  “Next Generation” in wireless camera remotes that integrates many features into one. Rather than making yet another camera remote, CamsFormer took it to the next level.


To compare it with existing products, CamsFormer is like a CamRanger + Eye Fi + Trigger Trap + Pan/Tilt/Zoom all rolled into one neat wireless smart phone controlled device, that even cost much less than purchasing all of that separately.

Wireless Remote. CamsFormer’s wireless remote feature is great when you cant be at or near the camera, or cant easily look through the view finder, but still want to control the whole camera, take pictures, or video. It has some of the remote features of CamRanger, such as being able to wirelessly control the camera from a smart phone, tablet, or computer. For example its built in wireless live view camera monitor lets you see a real-time live view of the cameras view finder from the app. It has the ability to change the cameras settings remotely from the app such as ISO, WB, Shutter speed, Aperture, etc, remotely trigger the camera to take pictures, start or stop a video recording and monitor the movie being recorded from the app, or adjust the camera focus. It also can upload pictures from the camera to the app wirelessly as you shoot, and at any time, wirelessly browse, upload, or delete pictures or videos on the camera using the app.  It also has built in time lapse intervalometer,  HDR, and bulb ramping capabilities. It also has a unique “infinity shooting mode” that lets you keep shooting forever without running out of camera memory, a neat feature to have.

Pan Tilt Zoom. CamsFormer has built in 3 axis wireless motorized motion control that can pan, tilt, or zoom your camera wirelessly from the app. You can use it while shooting a video, or during a time lapse. You can also use it with motorized dollies to control sliding movement, so you slide, pan, and tilt your camera all at the same time. It would help make really cool time lapse videos. There are actually a total of 6 built in motion control channels available for you to play with.


High Speed Triggering. Where CamsFormer really shines is its powerful built in high speed triggering system with sensors. This helps you take more creative and unusual pictures of events that happen too fast for your human reflexes to click the shutter button manually. For example if you want to take a picture of something that happens fast like a lightning bolt, one way to do it would be to sit out in the rain with your camera, with your finger on shutter button. Then, try to click the shutter when you see a  lightning strike. You can easily see how frustrating and time consuming that would be, sitting for hours trying to click the shutter at exactly the right time. There are other ways of doing it, but all of them inconvenient and time consuming. The same thing applies to not only taking pictures of lightning, but for many other types of high speed photography, or photography where syncing your shutter or flash with an external high speed event is critical in taking the picture.

To address that, CamsFormer has built in sensors for light, lightning, laser, sound, and motion. You can use these built in sensors to detect external events, then trigger your camera automatically within microseconds of the event, helping you easily take the perfect creative shot.

For example to easily take a picture of a lightning bolt, set CamsFormer to use its built in light/lightning sensor to detect the lightning bolt, when it does, it triggers your camera to easily get the shot. You can adjust the delay, or the number of shots you want to take when the event happens, and many other parameters.

CamsFormer actually has 4 independent high speed triggering channels that can trigger two cameras AND two flashes. Each channel can use any of the sensors, and lets you combine sensors and channels to create more complicated triggering scenarios.

The built in infra-red motion sensor can trigger your camera when it detects motion in a wide area. Its basically like a wildlife trigger trap that can wait for any movement like a bird or wild animal, then automatically triggers your camera to take the shot.

The built in sound sensor is great for trigger your camera or flash when it detect any sound. You can adjust the sensitivity from a whisper to a loud noise using the app. The cool thing about it is once you set everything up, you don’t need the app anymore, so it doesn’t keep you smart phone hostage for hours while its waiting for a triggering event.

Scripting Language. The most advanced feature we have ever seen in any photography device, is CamsFormers scripting feature. Designed especially for photography, CamsFormers scripting language lets you infinitely extend its features simply by adding a script. This lets you give CamsFormer a set of instructions to perform on its own. Scripts let you read any camera setting, change any camera settings, adjust the camera focus, start or stop a video recording, read any sensor level, or set up any complicated triggering scenario you want, even control the motorized functions such as pan/tilt/zoom. CamsFormer can store an unlimited number of scripts, and run them without your smart phone being present. CamsFormer lets you share scripts with other photographers. You can even use it to set up an unlimited number of camera presets. For example if you want to create your own type of HDR, time lapse, or specify your own path of moving the camera during the time lapse it cam easily be done using scripting.

CamsFormer is the only device we have seen that combines all these features into a single unit. Its certainly worth a look. Its available on kickstarter at a big discount for the limited time of the campaign. From what we have seen, we believe CamsFormer is really the Next Generation of camera remote and high speed trigger, and will be a major player in the photography world.