Genuine Astrology with Ostaro

Ostaro was born in Delhi, India into a Vedic family. His father was a very celebrated Physician of Delhi (Hakim Haziq) who treated more than 200,000 patients in his lifetime. Like his father Ostaro was extremely fascinated by the Occult sciences since his childhood. His affinity for the Western culture took him to England where he stayed for six years and France where he lived for four years before coming to the United States. While in Paris, France, he carried out Kabbalistic research and wrote “Upon The Altars of Gold” an esoteric satire on materialism.

He practices a Chaldean system of astrology, a very ancient system which takes into account planetary indications in conjunction with numerological implications. He is an accomplished astrological consultant with a proven track record for more than three decades. His philosophy is Eastern while his approach to problem solving is Western. These two factors contribute largely to the depth of his knowledge and insight into human nature as he helps his clients overcome their obstacles and thus become more successful in achieving their goals.

­­­Marvel, Laugh, Believe

The Wonderful World of Ostaro, is a hybrid of comedy, variety show, and uncanny prognostication. He has his own TV show in New York, has appeared on Letterman and Comedy Central, and he’s bringing it all to the Plaza Theater. He combines a showman’s flair with an amazing ability to instantly “read,” interpret and predict a person’s past, present and future. These instant readings are simply amazing, and make for fantastic interview material.

Fund Ostaro’s Future

Ostaro’s future depends on you. His new Kick-starter project (coming soon) will fund 12 shows and be filmed in front of a live studio audience in Fort Myers, Florida. From reading Horoscopes to making Astrology jokes, The Wonderful World of Ostaro will be a show to remember. Any amount will help to push the show further to its goal.

Ostaro, 646-641-1672, 230 5th Ave., (at 27th St.), Suite 618, New York, NY, [email protected]

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