Geophysical tools

powerstingsystemArchaeology is a budding field that invites the curiosity of both the young and old. It deals with the excavation and study of very ancient artifacts and tools that have been unearthed after many long years of being cemented underground. There’s nothing quite as wonderful as discovering something new that will add to the world of science and understanding of people and organisms that existed generations before us.

Dinosaur remains are especially amazing to uncover, and a lot of children aspire to be paleontologists so that they can have a connection to giants that roamed the earth so long ago. Once upon a time, excavating was a very taxing task that was often hit or miss.

While it’s certainly no cake walk today, we do have the benefit of technological advances that have made the process easier and less time consuming. The result is less man-power and money being spent, which only opens the door to more exhibitions and projects.

Geophysical tools are what scientists use to grasp an understanding of what’s beneath the earth before excavation begins. Instead of taking an educated guess and hoping for the best, we can now use equipment that utilizes electrical impulses to verify what kind of objects may lie below the ground at our feet.

One can find a geophysical instrument at AGI, and there are several different models that are more suited to certain tasks. If you’ve never used such an instrument before, you can get a full rundown of the specs and everything you may need for your project online.

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