Giving Restaurant Gift Cards as Presents

One of the best ways to impress business associates or family and friends with a gift is to give personalized restaurant gift cards. Nothing can better garner the attention of the recipient to the special effort placed on a gift, when it comes complete with a photo, artwork, or message designed exclusively for them.


The imaginative person can fully extract all the benefits from ‘a personal touch’ when trying to make a statement. A husband or boyfriend, suffering the results from a past argument, can score serious points by covering the card with a lady’s favorite pet picture and a sad commentary, asking herself to buy something special with the restaurant gift card. Remembering the boss’s birthday or anniversary with a card to a favorite restaurant or even for a bakery, could gain ‘brownie points’ throughout one’s employment. And of course there is the holiday gift for the uncle or grandfather who has everything but a picture of the kids and a “Happy Whatever” underneath it.

Birthdays and special occasions warrant a gift. Most people are hard to buy for and usually they never get anything close to what they need or want. A gift card designed with pertinent information, clearly identifies the giver, who will not be lost in the pile of forgettable gifts.

Businesses that provide special incentives for their employees throughout the year can take advantage of a gift card to mark the occasion. Credit card companies and some retailers offer debit cards to be redeemed for cash. Instead of shopping for an item or product, the card-holder can turn the gift into money.

Companies in retail and sales are realizing their bottom line improves dramatically when they offer to customers for purchase, personalized gift cards redeemable at their store. Cards have the company name and possibly a logo, which acts as advertising pieces for their business as well as being money-makers. The card has a value limit to spend, and a lot of card-holders over-spend that limit, thus increasing the store’s sales above the intended card sale. Some stores will give a ‘cash-back’ when the balance is low enough to not warrant a purchase.

A number of card-holders will not fully utilize the total amount on the card. This unused amount becomes 100% profit for the business issuing the card, and this frequently happens when a card has an expiration date.

Most all major stores and businesses, involved in retail sales, have internet websites that entertain provisions for acquiring cards to purchase for use in their stores. Downloading artwork and verbal messages from a computer or phone is simplified on these sites, and anyone can have a personalized card sent to their home or place of business within days.

Benefits are enjoyed by the gift card provider, purchaser, and receiver. It makes this type of giving an economically sound way to do business, as well as a socially acceptable method to award someone the gratitude of a restaurant gift.