Goldtouch ergonomics keyboard

goldtouchThe Goldtouch is considered to be the pioneer in ergonomic keyboards suitable for all models .The organization offers innumerable models suitable for every buyer.Infact a user can choose from the plethora of designs and colors available online .The Goldtouch is known to manufacture adjustable and split keyboards for any desktop and laptop. The split keyboards are foldable and slim  hence a  user can easily travel with this kind of ergonomic keyboards .In fact these key boards are easily adjustable in laptop bags. The keyboards of Goldtouch can be adjustable between zero and thirty degree on vertical and horizontal plane.

The keyboards of Goldtouch have become a standby as an ergonomic arsenal for more than 9 years. You can find innumerable models that match with almost every desktop and laptop in this planet. In fact none of the egronomic model is separated into halves. As a user you can tent, splay or do anything with the keyboard.

The story of Goldtouch is quiet fascinating. In fact the maiden version of Goldtouch egronomics keyboard was initially developed by the trio of Lexmark, Goldtouch and IBM in the year 1992.

The keyboard of Goldtouch uses rubber dome or membrane to create the key board switches. This is probably the reason why the Goldtouch keyboards are inexpensive compared to other brands available in the market. In fact the Goldtouch switches are the best in the market because of their definite pattern, style and look.

The garden Variety keyboards used by many brands are hard and mushy compared to the feather soft, light and elastic key switches of Goldtouch .The Goldtouch designers takes full advantage of the membrane and creates one of the finest agronomic keyboard in the planet.

The keyboards of Goldtouch are adaptable with smart look, footprint and smooth key action. Yet the only flaw of the keyboards is they cannot be separated into 2 equal halves. If you are not worried about this inefficiency then Goldtouch can be your best option.

Goldtouch V2 is a trendy design with standard control keys and function. Moreover the keyboard includes the less useful keys like email, calculator and many more. You can operate them by pressing the Fn and the keys between F1 to F 12

GTU-088 is another popular model of Touchgold. Apart from being feather touch, stylish and low force key the keyboard has the unique tenting feature. This compact size keyboard apart from providing the ergonomic feature is cost effective and compatible with any desktop and laptops. The GTU-0088 keyboard has a lever locked design and patented ball that allows the user to tent the keyboard without separating it from the accessories.

The Goldtouch ergonomic keyboard is considered to be the cost effective, user friendly and durable keyboard in recent time. The vertical angle and the horizontal split allow the users to tent the model anyway heshe desires.

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