Through The Google Looking Glass: What Can You See?

Some news reports portray Google Glass as the next revolutionary technological gadget. It’s a computer you would wear like any ordinary non-prescription or prescription glasses. So what is really behind that looking “Glass?”

When You Enter The Glass World

You see mountains, flowers, and trees. You also see the world’s tallest buildings, and you see roads and highways. If you want to, you could also see your neighbor, your children, your grandma, or your grandchildren through these lenses.

You could almost get away with filming someone, because it may not be noticeable by other users from far away. However, the closer they approach you, the more obvious it will be that you are wearing Glass. Therefore, you should use discretion when filming. Besides, not many people would recommend you take pictures of other people without their consent.

This new computing device opens up an entirely new world to you. It’s like that Virtual Reality series some of you may remember watching on TV.

Google Glass As An Educational Tool In Action

A couple of weeks ago, West Michigan Virtual School teacher takes children on a virtual field trip to Switzerland. They see up close one of the most well-known exhibits at the European Council for Nuclear Research. These students view the Large Hadron Collider and other attractions without even leaving the room.

This field trip taken by Andrew Vanden Heuval paves a new way for other educators to experiment with using Google Glass to enhance learning. However, students have already for years experienced virtual learning. Before Google Glass, students already learn to speak foreign languages, write, compute advanced calculus, and more. They nowadays can accomplish this via online perfectly legitimate, nationally accredited schools.

They even have their work checked immediately and not even have to leave the classroom. Teachers normally accomplish delivering lessons via video chat. However, the Google Glass helps take it even one step further. Chances are, schools everywhere will use this to send their message out to as many students as possible.

A Look Into Your Own Future

When you look into your own future what do you see? Do you see yourself using Google Glass? If so, why would you? If not, why wouldn’t you? It would interest other readers if you can tell them your point of view.

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