Gorgeous White Ball Dresses

I know I have been posting quite a few posts on clothing. I guess it is because it is time for me to revamp and reorganize my wardrobe for the coming 2015. There are really lots of function to attend and my tailor is already not doing anymore tailoring thus, I have to resort to buying clothes online. I am so thankful that Claire is such a fashionista in her own ways and she has many online boutiques at her finger tips. She guided me to a few and I am truly grateful to her for her help in providing the links to me. She is my guardian angel when it comes to fashion and food. Where to shop online and where to get good delicious food, it will just tell you without even blinking her eyes. She is so kind as to even help me pick a few gowns which she thinks will suit me. She showed me a few White Ball Dresses suitable for my Malay colleague’s son wedding which will be held in Park Royal Hotel KL. I can have Jo’s Serendipity Jewelry to go with this white gown. And her handcrafted midnight blue earrings…gosh I think I will look gorgeous and will definitely look elegant too.


I have to ask Jo’s opinion whether she can make them in time for my colleague’s son wedding dinner come November. I hope she will be able to make the jewelry in time as I know she has her thesis to complete by early next year. Awww….life is hectic for Jo. She has to tend to her business plus her thesis for her PhD. Whereas I have to attend meetings and dateline to meet where work is concern. I am looking forward to retiring early next year and hopefully, life will be more peaceful then 🙂

I find buying clothes online save time and energy. Everything is click click and no hassle of rushing from one shop to another and the headache of looking for car parks. We can just stay at home and browse through the online stores and we can just pay online…another no hassle of going to banks and carrying cash on us. Thanks Claire for the introduction to this online stores that has a wide range of my style of clothing! I guess many of you too would be hunting for dresses before year end and shopping online helps a lot if you have a busy lifestyle.

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