How to Make home pools handicapped accessible

Making your home pool handicapped accessible, is important if you have elderly or someone with mobility issues living with you. A quick dip in the pool becomes problematic for these people, and having a wheelchair accessible pool would allow them to reap the benefits from the exercise and relaxation a pool grants.

There are three primary types of pool accessibility, the standards for this equipment is set by the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessible Guidelines.  The first type of accommodation are pool stairs with handrails. The specifications for the stairs is that they must have uniform riser heights and uniform tread widths of no less than 11 inches. The handrails help provide assistance with balance and support from a standing position when the individual is moving from the pool deck into and out of the water.

The second type are lifts which can be manually operated, battery-operated or motorized. In all of them the individual is lifted from the pool deck and lowered into the pool. To exit the pool the process is reversed. You have the option of a canvas sling seat or a chair seat. The individual sits in the seat when it is positioned over the pool deck. The arm of the lift then swings out over the pool, the chair is lowered into the water where , the individual exits. The chair is then raised, and the arm swings back around to the pool deck.

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Olympic Swimming Pool Fast Lane Category:Outdoor_swimming_pools (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The third type of pool accessibility can be achieved with a ramp, and there are different types of ramps available. A permanent ramp with handrails allows the individual with limited mobility to walk or roll a wheelchair into the water. Aquatic wheelchairs are specifically made for use in the water. A  regular or power scooter with a motor, electrical system or batteries can be damaged , or might contaminate the pool.

You can also have a zero depth entry pool built which is also called beach entry. No ladders are needed, the individual can walk into the pool and gradually the depth increases to a certain depth. It is important that the zero depth entry leads back to a level part of the pool, so it is easier to get out of the pool. Of course this is not an option, if the home you purchase already contains a pool, in that case the other options outlined above will suffice.

You also have to make sure that your pool is safe, so nobody will accidentally fall in it or roll in it with a wheelchair. The best swimming pool protection is to erect a pool fence around the pool.

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