Hospitality Industry Job Hunting – Is There More?

I talk to people all the time who have years’ experience in the hospitality industry. Every time they look for a hospitality job they apply for the same job they were doing currently. Most hospitality and tourism workers never think about moving up.
If we take into account every resume from people with no experience in the hospitality industry then we can accurately say ‘there are more job seekers in the hospitality industry than there are jobs.’ But, if we eliminate all the unqualified applicants and only focus on experienced candidates we see a reversal. There are more jobs than candidates. The number of qualified candidates decreases as the salary increases.
Let’s take these numbers and tweak them to suit the hospitality and tourism industry, looking only for candidates who can move, have flexible work schedules, and the ability to work with people without losing their own temper. At this stage we start to realize why the hospitality industry depends largely on recruitment firms.

Job Hunt UP The Ladder

It doesn’t matter where you work on the restaurant floor, or in a hotel, if you have more than three years’ experience then you can, transition up to a better hospitality job without much effort. You may need to learn how to use software, or take a course from the National Restaurant Association, but the opportunity is there.
No other industry offers as many opportunities for advancement as the hospitality industry.

Job or Career

Before envisioning a new job and pay raise there are a few things you need to ask yourself. The first, do you go to work to do a job, or are you building a career? There is a big difference. A person who does a job is stagnant. They are not improving their skills. They may feel frustrated or trapped.
A person who is looking 10 years down the road to a better job is building a career. But, don’t fall into the trap of spending all your time planning, or dreaming. Building a career is something you do. It doesn’t happen. Luck or chance does not play a part in it.

Hospitality Recruitment Firms

Career oriented people work with recruiters. Do not be afraid to work with a Hospitality recruiter. They are not out to reject you. Instead, they will help motivated people improve their skills so that they can move into better jobs, even management.
Most people who have only worked in the hospitality industry for 2 or 5 years do not see the scope of opportunity. A recruiter can help you identify potential job positions that you didn’t even know existed.
Do not work with the job boards, or ‘all around’ agencies. Even if they do have accounts with major hotel chains, restaurant franchises, or luxury resorts, they are more likely to have ‘spammed’ out listings. Hospitality recruiters are given important jobs that cannot be filled by inexperienced professionals from other fields.

Start Local – Plan Global

When asking recruiters how to start a hospitality job hunt the advice is varied. I like this plan, ‘Start local, plan global.’ The objective is to take any job with a major franchise that is in your area. Once you start with the franchises you can always ‘put your nose into’ other areas and learn about the entire hospitality industry.
Attitude is everything in the hospitality industry so do not use salary to determine where you want to go. Look for jobs which will keep you interested. Look for jobs you enjoy. Even if that job is a dead end in your local hotel or restaurant you can bet it isn’t a dead end somewhere else in the world.
Finding a Hospitality job that matches your passion makes it easier to maintain a good attitude. If there is one key to success in this industry, then it needs to be summed up in two things – energy and attitude. If you have both then you will go far in the hospitality industry.

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