Hosting a Minecraft Server

minecraftMinecraft is a popular online game application within the programming language that is known as Java. The gameplay centers around the single-player and his protagonist in his quest to collect resources, constructs forts, farms, or even higher end design of buildings and castles. The customization and creation capable within the game is not limited there, either. Many different people have utilized Minecraft for construction of sculptures, cities, and many other grand designs. In the open-world game and the number of players is dependent upon the amount of slots purchased. There are also control panels available for larger groups and parties on increasingly popular servers.

Why use a dedicated server for Minecraft?

Dedicated servers are one way to host a private or public Minecraft server. This type ensure that you’re not sharing the same JVM (Java Virtual Machine) – which is the platform Minecraft runs on. One CPU (Central Processing Unit) or the part of your computers that handles calculations. Both of these features adds an extra level of security and reliability for the playing experience. Plus there’s an added benefit of technical support being readily available in case of an outside attack.

What are the requirements to run a Minecraft server?

The recommended minimum amount of RAM (Random Access Memory) needed to run a 10-slot Minecraft server is 1 GB (gigabyte). Minecraft does come with many different plugins and modifications available to enrich the gameplay experience. Keep in mind that some mods may consume available resources, it is recommended to contact your dedicated server provider or host to ensure adequate accommodation.

Do dedicated servers offer security over a shared environment?

Dedicated servers, although still at risk of any sort of attack, is definitely more prepared to handle an intruder than if you personally oversaw a server (say, at home). The reason for this is how each server is handled, since they are separate from one another, there is a divided chance of the attack directly affecting you. If a DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack was initiated within a shared environment, any computer running on the server is at risk of being the first victim and the first one to spread the attack. These attacks flood the server with useless traffic requests and pings until the bandwidth is all used up, often leading to performance issues. Not only this, but sharing resources outright can lead to performance issues. Larger servers have greater customization options including running a web server or cPanel control panel with complete root access.

Are there any more benefits to a dedicated Minecraft server?

Outright, the first advantage to running a private server, whether personal or renting one, is the amount of customization that is given to the owner. Everything from custom options, allocating resources and disk space, adding mods or plugins, and many other options within your JVM. Having root access, which are super-permissions not normally available to a typical player, this includes having Secure Shell (SSH) access. This is a command line interface allows for changes on the server and to the more experienced user, can be a very powerful tool.

Creating a private server for your kids.

One popular reason for buying minecraft server hosting would be to give your kids a virtual world to explore and create within. Children can both learn how to run computers at a more advanced level while giving them the power to really interact with their virtual world. This can give your child an outlet of expression that is truly their own. As with any child-based interaction on the internet, supervision is suggested to ensure proper safety measures are intact.


Hosting your own personal server (or renting one) has many different benefits and applications. Along with the added security of direct oversight, there are customization options that are also made available. It just comes down to what you want out of the game, when you are given direct access to make it as you see it, great things are possible from such a direct concept and simple gameplay.