How Kundali Matching Works

When it comes to making important decisions in life, Hindus have always relied on the Vedic Astrology for thousands of years. One of those decisions is the selection of the partner they will live with for life. They believe that using this astrology, the future events can be predicted, thus they are given the opportunity to make a wise and informed decision today.

Before the marriage, the compatibility of the groom and bride is tested through their Janam Kundali. Known as Gun Milan – the process has eight individual tests. In each test, there is a certain number of points to be generated, which will then be added together.


Scores below 18 is an indication that the couple is not compatible. Scores between 18-24 it means that they are an average match but already acceptable. If the score is between 25 to30, it is an indication that they are an excellent match. Any score higher than 32 means that the couple possesses an identical nature.

Begin identical does not always mean a good thing. With that, there are also other factors that should be considered even when the couple scores 32 and above to ensure that their relationship will last long.

The Gun Milan Test

  1. Varna

This reflects the basic personality, skills and abilities of the person. The maximum score here is one. To get a score, the groom’s Varna must be higher than the bride. This Varna classes from highest to lowest

  • Brahmins/Priests

  • Kshatriyas/Warriors

  • Vaishyas/Merchants

  • Shudras/Laborers

  1. Vasya

This test determines whether the relationship between the couple will be as compatible and dedicated one.

Here, the zodiacs are grouped into five: Manava/Human, Vanachara/Wild, Chatushpada/Quadruped, Jalachara/Water and Keeta/Insect. This test has 4 rules which determine which among the groups are Vasya to another group and which are the food of another group.

If the couple belongs in the same group, they will get 2 points, 1 point if one of them is Vasya to another and ½ point if one of them is food to another. If neither of them is Vasya to another, no point is given.

  1. Tara

Through comparing the birth stars of the couple, this test calculates the well-being and health of the couple after their marriage. The maximum score here is 3.

  1. Yoni

This is used to determine whether the couple is compatible physically and sexually. It is represented by animals and gives points up to 4.

  1. Graha Maitri

Through comparing the moon’s sign lords in the chart of the couple, the strength of the couple’s love for each other is being tested in here. 5 points are the highest score in this test.

  1. Gana

This test identifies the temperament of the individual. the highest score is 6.

  1. Bhakoot

This is used to determine the overall welfare, prosperity and health of a family after the marriage. 7 is the highest point given.

  1. Nadi

This is the test to determine the genetic compatibility of the couple. This is to ensure that they can produce healthy children in their marriage. Eight is the highest point.

Selecting a lifetime partner is not a joke. For Hindus, this Vedic astrology is the tool that can help them to select the partner that will be compatible with them for life. This way, they have the assurance that the decision they are making today is not just informed but a wise one as well.

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