How Many wigs do I Need?

Being a wig wearer means you have the luxury of changing your hair style as often as you like, without too much trouble or any expensive trips to the salon. But just how many wigs do you need?

The number of wigs you own is mainly down to your own personal choice, however many people find that having at least two wigs is better than just one.

But how many wigs do you personally need?

Cancer Patients:

If you have lost your hair due to cancer treatment it is likely the hair loss is only temporary. Within three weeks of ceasing cancer treatment, you will begin to grow a “soft fuzz” where your hair has fallen and within two months your hair should be around an inch long, although it may be a different texture or colour.

One wig should be more than enough to disguise your hair loss during your treatment and the awkward regrowth stage that follows. Some women decide two wigs is better for them for a variety of reasons – some women simply want the luxury of being able to switch between styles, whilst others want to have something to wear whilst the other is being washed and dried and a few women decide to use two wigs as to have one “up style” and one “down style”.



Being Transgender is something to be proud of, and is becoming more and more acceptable in many societies. After years of keeping their identities secret, women such as Caitlyn Jenner have inspired a whole host of people to be honest about who they truly are, without judgement.

Having a collection of wigs is essential for any transgender woman who wishes to extend her personality through her hair. It gives you have something for every occasion, whether it be a night out, a first date or a day in the office.

Many transgender women find having a small collection of wigs, including a selection for meals and nights out, a selection for every day and a selection for special occasions such as weddings and business meetings, is perfect for expressing themselves every day.


If you wear a wig for fashion, how many you have completely depends on your personal preference. If you only use wigs for nights out, having a small collection of synthetic wigs would be perfect for nights out and special occasions, if you don’t wear a wig every day.

If you wear a wig for fashion, but wear one every day, you might be better suited with a small collection of both human hair and synthetic wigs. Opting for human hair wigs might be slightly more expensive, but if you wear them every day, they are worth the investment.



If you suffer with alopecia it is likely that your hair isn’t going to grow back for a significant time, if at all. This means your wig collection can be as big or small as you wish. Building a collection over the years will mean you have the perfect style for every occasion without having to head into the salon every time – however, it doesn’t mean you have to have 30 different wigs, two will be more than enough for most people.