How to Achieve Beautiful Hair in 7 Days

valerie-hairstylistYou can have a radiant, silky and shiny hair in no time, even before that very important date that approaches fast. Learn proven tips on how to have beautiful hair in seven days.

Day 1. Drink lots of water

Dedicate yourself to drinking water as if there is no tomorrow. This will give your body and your hair hydration so that you hair is less prone to the frizz. It is well known that the lack of moisture also affects hair texture, color and strength. Hydration is especially important if you are using ceramic or titanium heat styling tools.

Day 2. Give shine to your hair

The diversity of products you apply to your hair, such as creams, gels and even hair dryers, are causing the loss of color. You can try this home remedy to restore luster and life to your hair: mix apple cider vinegar with water. Use it once a week to rinse your hair, focusing on the roots and tips.

Day 3. Massage your hair

Stimulating scalp massage helps give strength to your hair so that it does not fall, while promoting hair growth. Do it with essential oils like peppermint, eucalyptus, jojoba oil or tea tree oil.

Day 4. Condition your hair

The best way to give your hair conditioning treatment is to begin by separating your hair into sections and then applying your conditioner. Put a shower cap and wait for about 15 minutes. This will deepen the action of the conditioner on the scalp.

Day 5. Brushing

After given your hair a special treatment, you should spend this day by brushing your hair in the morning, afternoon and in the evening. It is best to use a wide-tooth comb that will help your hair to become smooth.

Day 6. Cut your hair

See if your hair has damaged ends that treatments could not fix. Proceed to cut those ends that you were not able to save. This will help your hair to grow stronger and have more movement.

Day 7. Re-hydrate your hair

Apply a cream for damaged hair or some hair oils so your hair stays in good condition for several weeks. Keep in mind that the first week will be the key for your hair to look healthy for some time.

Now that you know how to achieve beautiful hair in 7 days, do not wait any longer to implement these tips and have beautiful hair for the next special occasion.