How to Annoy Your Waiter

If you’ve ever worked in the foodservice industry, you’ve probably been in this situation: You have a customer or a table who you just cannot seem to satisfy. It seems like every time you pass their table, there’s something else that needs tending to. Boisterous customers, cranky patrons, and downright annoying tables can work on a waiter or waitress’ nerves. If you’re looking to truly give your waiter or waitress a run for their money, then here are some perfect ways to annoy your waitstaff the next time you eat out.

Split the bill at least 10 different ways, but make sure to wait until after your meal has been delivered and after the receipt is given. There’s nothing more that a waiter wants to do than break up a bill manually after everything has already been entered into the computer. If you’ve got a big group, make sure to especially forget to tell your waitstaff how the bill will need to be split. There’s nothing more soothing than some classic math for your waiter at the end of a long shift.


Empty your change pockets when paying the tip. While your waiter was surely looking forward to a pitiful tip after having to deal with your table, they’re even more excited to have to collect the hundreds of pennies you’ve been saving up at the bottom of your purse for this special occasion. Your wallet was getting a little heavy from all the spare change, so now is certainly the best time to unload your extra change, leaving your waiter with what is surely less than 15% tip – and all in nickels and pennies.

Hand gestures are the best way to catch the attention of the waiter! Does your child need a fifth pack of crayons to continue drawing on the table? Have you decided on a different drink halfway through your meal? The best way to capture the attention of your waiter is to snap, whistle, or yell in their general direction. Sure, a simple quick look or hand wave would have sufficed, but your caveman instincts have kicked in. Make sure that the other nearby tables know that you need tended to.

Multitask when ordering. There’s nothing more that a waiter wants to deal with than having to understand your order and communicate with you while you’re in a business phone call. Be sure to order something with many different options, and neglect to choose the options when ordering while you’re on the phone. This way, your waiter has to continue to interrupt your conversation.

Your waiter or waitress is here to tend to your needs while you’re in the restaurant. Make sure they remember who you are — but preferably not for the reasons listed above!

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