How to Clean And Descale Kureg Coffee Machine

Cleaning and descaling your Kureg Coffee Machine goes a long way in ensuring that you are not getting short cups and off tasting coffee. This also ensures that the coffee machine remains in great shape for longer. The frequency of descaling and cleaning depends on several factors such as how hard the water you are using is and how often the coffee machine is used. Follow these steps on how to clean and descale Kureg coffee machine.

1. Open the top side of the coffee brewing machine and pull out the K cup holder. You need to exercise care and diligence while doing this as there are two sharp needles. You will find the cup holder being dishwasher safe, so you can insert it in water if you want. A rinse under warn water can do quite well.

2. Turn the cup-holder over, but check to ensure that there is no obstruction on the holes situated on the bottom.

3. You will find the drip tray to be removable, so give it a thorough clean in the dishwasher or by hand.

4. The upper part of the K-cup holder has a needle with three holes in it. Straighten up a paper and insert inside all these holes to remove obstructions and unnecessary buildup. Since there is nothing that can break with ease here, you should use some force to wiggle the paper around and get all the dirt out. Repeat this several times until when you are done with all the three holes.

5. Use a dampened cloth to wipe some coffee grinds or stains that may have settled around the cup-holder area and just below the front part of the coffee maker. However, you should be careful when wiping it down because there are needles inside.

6. Return the K-cup holder-back into the original chamber. Ensure that it fits perfectly well by ensuring that the arrows at the top-part are well aligned.

7. Drain away water that is in the coffee maker’s external reservoir.

8. Refill the coffee make’s brewer with white vinegar and replace it on your brewer.

9. Run up to four empty brew cycles, but ensure that you don’t use any cup. After each round, you should throw away the vinegar. This ensures that the vinegar is pushed via the valves that are inside and through the inside-heating tank.

10. Leave the brewer standing upwards and powered for four hours. This makes it possible for the vinegar to build up inside the tubes and in the valves.


11. Discard any remaining vinegar and fill the Kureg Coffee Machine with clean water.

12. Run several cycles until you see “add water” appears on the Kureg Coffee Machine’s screen. This helps in washing away the vinegar traces from inside of the system. If you notice vinegar taste is still available, you should run a couple of other water cycles.

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Kuddos! Your Kureg Coffee Machine is now clean and you can enjoy great tasting cups of coffee for several months to come.


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