Hurray, Come and enjoy in my wedding

Avv471Small-img-8Indian wedding cards are famous in India as well as all over the world. Take a bird view eye of past years; you may remember that several famous celebrities and well known persons came to India for their wedding functions. Basically they belong from European culture but they choose India for their marriage place. This is because that India has strong traditional culture background and the entire world knows its popularity. There are several reasons which differentiate Indian culture from other cultures. The way and procedure of wedding dresses, rituals, venues, dance rituals and especially wedding celebration are very important causes which make weddings very awesome.

Once you’ve selected the wedding date you have to do other works. Now you have to inform your invitees about marriage date and other related function time table. So we cannot ignore the wedding cards for any ceremony. Wedding cards are same like letters in which we request to join us in our happiness i.e. wedding ceremony. Apart from that, wedding cards will cost only a single part of whole money incurred on wedding. So we cannot ignore the value of wedding cards. So you just need to allocate the amount for wedding cards for your memorable day.

Now next step is to choose your best Indian wedding cards. If you are looking for top of best design then Seven Promises are the best in this field. You should approach us. We have range of collections of wedding cards regarding different trends, colors themes, and religious based and different designs. In this article we are going to discuss about different and unique styles of Indian wedding cards. After reading this article you will be to buy Indian wedding cards which suits your wedding function and also it represents the cultural of India.

Wedding cards by Religion
India is a secular state and number of people who belongs from different religion. Well there wedding cards styles are differentiated on religion bases.

  1. Muslims wedding cards
  2. Christians wedding cards
  3. Hindu wedding cards
  4. Sikh wedding cards
  5. Multi faith wedding cards

Weddings cards by Designs

Obliviously if several religions exist in India then there are lots of card designs available in every religion. But we are going to mention here some unique wedding cards which are quite from others and have impact on guests.

  1. Balloon designs

  2. Paper record player style

  3. Wedding invite boxes

  4. Card cum boxes

  5. Chocolate wrapper invitation card

  6. Origami wedding invitation cards

  7. Receipt invitation Cards

If you are looking for best wedding wishes want to invite your guest with saying “Hurray, come and enjoy in my wedding” then you are at right place. Now make your rational decision and contact Seven You just need to tell us your wedding card requirement. We will assist you as soon as possible. All the weddings cards are available in affordable range and surely it wills suite your budget.