iAPPS (ElementsLocal) Review

Looking for something to manage your franchise networks online? ElementsLocal is the answer. Catering to every area of business such as local websites, SMS marketing, email based marketing; ElementsLocal is the ideal choice for franchisers. August 2013 was a turning point for the software when it was acquired by BridgeLine. They integrated the system into their iApps suite.

iAPPSds, (the ds denotes the software usage as a distributed subscription) utilizes cloud based technology encompassing of all the umbrella software within it such as Marketer, Commerce, Social and so on.

Each component has heads its own set of functions and is equally integral to peak functionality of the suite as a whole. This all in one feature enables the main franchisor to manage things online with regard to micro-sites, locals, stores, dealers and so on.

Running on a .NET framework which interacts via an API layer (rights protected); iAPPS claims to be a flexible solution which will greatly enhance one’s complex engagement wants in the digital world. Furthermore, their iSG (Success Group) team will work to help reap the most from the sites once launched.

Log in to the site and you’re all set. Franchisors can manage content on their master site from here using the Content Manager or similar CMS software. From the master site, further transmission of data can be easily done.

iAPPS Commerce, as the name would suggest, covers all the basics on e-commerce. A local dealer can access the master catalogs through this. Add ons can also be managed through this app for functions such as promotions, sales alerts, stock management and payments online.

Coming to marketing, that’s handled by the Marketer. Email based marketing forms majority of the way of operation of this software.

For social media there is iAPPS Social. It packs monitoring features which allows to keep abreast of conversations and trending items. It links the franchisor’s different social accounts such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Lastly we have analytics. The software for it covers traffic monitoring, landing pages productivity and the like. These help decide on goals which help chart out a plan for workflow.

SEOSAMBA software

SEO SAMBA, on the other hand, is a white label solution which will help you get to 100% in terms of cost-effective software. Speaking of platforms, it runs open source and is even W3C compliant. The head franchisor can manage and handle all and any content via their master interface. On the other hand, locals can use their own sites to handle their site and promotions, etc.

Being cloud based, all the identities within are interconnected. E.g. a catalog can be distributed across the entire system and so on.


All in all, SEO Samba takes the gold. Forget the perks; the flaws in ElementsLocal alone make it a bad choice. They employ a tight and rigid platform. Their interface is ancient if compared to modern standards. The costs are another thing; a medium or small enterprise has no chance of hiring them.