iMac and USB

Owning an iMac, it can be proven difficult accessing the USB ports on the back of the of the device. In order to see where the USB ports are, the iMac must be turned around, making things inconvenient for the user. Current USB port hub extensions on the market use cords in order to access the iMac’s ports. A simple yet elegant solution has been created to the inconvenience of the iMac’s USB ports. A fully integrated 3.0 USB hub customized for iMac, the Huback.


The creators of Huback,O!Lab, are part of the company Ozaki, and their slogan that is,

“Dare to be Free, Different, and Fun.” They do just that, with the Huback. This sleek and modern design of a USB hub is specifically designed to firmly clip on the front of the iMac with ease. The Huback only uses one USB port in the iMac, this leaves all other USB ports available, including the four that Huback provides.


The integrity of a product relies on the creator. Having won 25 awards for multiple Apple accessory products, Ozaki, is breaking ground on quality and practicality in many technological areas, that are overlooked by many.


Knowing the importance of innovation, O!Lab will continue to create products that prove functionality and simplicity. A team that recognizes a way to improve technology is essential for the future. O!Lab’s Huback is a perfect example of something that dares to be different. Something that is so innovative, deserves to be on one of the most recognizable crowdfunding platforms, Indiegogo. Through Indiegogo, O!Lab has created a crowdfunding campaign to share it’s device to the world, and with the support of others, they will be able to create many other innovations. To check out what the Huback is all about go here!

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