The Importance of Having Mobile Versions of your Website Design

responsive_templateLike it or not, the smart phone and the digital tablet are taking over the internet!  Although the laptop and desktop computers are still located in nearly every commercial office space in the world, the portable digital device is in more consumers’ hands at any given moment than the traditional versions of internet connected computers.  In fact, office workers are checking their PDA’s more and more frequently during the day because these devices are not monitored by their IT managers, guaranteeing more anonymity and privacy.

What is a Mobile Website?

Simply put, a mobile website is a smaller version of your traditional website.  Because our tablets and smartphones have smaller screens, a smaller website page is easier to manipulate.  They are also faster to maneuver with the smaller images consisting of fewer pixels simply because our handheld devices are very often managed by the less powerful browsers.  In the world of Internet Marketing, it is all about “instant gratification”.  If your website is not user friendly to the potential consumer, they will click on another site that is!

Some Key Benefits and Advantages of Mobile Websites

      • Mobile websites open the door for mobile apps, the wave of the future.  Many are speculating that the app, the tablet and the iPhone are all but taking over the world, leaving the desktop computer in the dust!  Without a mobile website design, your possibilities for future growth and increased revenues may be severely hampered in the very near future.
      • A well designed mobile website template increases your brand name recognition and online reputation.  This shows that you are concerned about the ease in maneuverability of your website by your potential customers.  You are considered “hip” and “in-the-know” if you have a mobile website while also instilling confidence in your customers.
      • In this day and age of constantly moving professionals, people working from home, and corporate executives who travel frequently without the use of a laptop computer, a properly functioning mobile website is a standard requirement for millions of consumers on a daily basis.  A mobile website saves your customer valuable surfing time and enhances their flexibility.


Save Time and Money!

It is important to note that a mobile website should not appear “cheap” or less appealing simply because it is smaller.  Your mobile website should look as visually stimulating as your desktop version.  The good news is that these types of websites often take very little time to create, are very easy to maintain and to manage, and cost significantly less than the larger screen versions.

This also means that you can more easily update the content and for very little cost.  In the very near future, the majority of corporate attention will be paid to these types of mobile sites rather than to the traditional versions, saving valuable time and revenues in the process!


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