The most important features of cPanel your web host should have

hosting_serverscPanel is a control panel, which is Unix based, and it provides graphical interface and automation tools, which are designed to shorten the procedure of hosting a web site. cPanel uses a 3 tier structure, which provides abilities for resellers, administrators and website owners, who are end-users, so that they can control the numerous aspects of server and website administration using a normal web browser.

cPanel 11.30 is the latest version available in the market for supporting FreeBSD. Support, which is an application-based, comprises BIND, PHP, Apache, PostgreSQL and MySQLPerl. Email based support is provided by SMTP, IMP and POP3. CPanel is a company based in Houston and the software was initially designed to work as the control panel for Speed Hosting. When used by a client, cPanel delivers front-end functions for various shared operations, which includes e-managing FTP and mail accounts, crontab tasks and PGP keys.

cPanel also manages certain software packages distinctly from the original operating system. Upgrades to PHP, MySQL and Apache connected software packages are done automatically. This makes sure that these particular packages are kept updated and well-matched with cPanel. This makes it more difficult to install latest versions of the packages.

Storage Space/Disk Space
cPanel helps you to create hosting strategies that can assign the amount of disk space, which can be allocated to every cheap web hosting plan.

  • Bandwidth
  • Sub-Domain Management
  • Domain Management
  • Mail Client Configuration
  • Forwards and Aliases
  • POP3/IMAP Accounts
  • Autoresponders
  • Spam Assassin
  • Account Level Filtering
  • BoxTrapper
  • Mailing Lists
  • Webmail Featuring
  • Delivery Reports
  • Mass Email Account creation
  • Email Authentication
  • Email Delivery Route


  • Website Statistics
  • File Management
  • Logaholic Stats
  • Raw Access Logs
  • Analog Stats
  • Bandwidth Stats
  • FTP
  • Anonymous FTP Controls
  • File Manager
  • Disk Space Usage
  • WebDisk
  • Backups
  • Custom Errors Pages

Advanced Features

  • PHP
  • Perl Module Installer
  • PERL
  • JSP/Tomcat
  • Perl Module Installer
  • JSP/Tomcat
  • Python
  • JSP/Tomcat
  • Cron Jobs

The kind of tools that are offered by web hosting from cPanel itself, gives lot of potentials about a way in which a user can effectively manage the server or website in question. These features allow the user to manage their website properly and with fewer inputs.


Communication within the business is crucial. It can be difficult to block spam, create filters and manage multiple users for emailing. cPanel should be able to create tools, which are easy to use and help the owner of the site, to get an easy to use interface.


Security of a website can also be quite an issue for the most experienced professionals. cPanel helps the users and provides the tools, which will help in reducing the possible attacks. They will help the website owners to access the server with security.

File Management

When email accounts, various domains and sub-domains are in use, and the users try to access the server by the File Transfer Protocol, then managing the server can be quite a task. The File management tools on the cPanel make it easier for the users.

Domain Management

The people using the server will need to create sub-domains and add more domains to their accounts. cPanel even makes these features available.

Easy Server Management

Some users are more advanced, and are found on dedicated servers, VPS and for them, different scripts are available. They are command line and can save a lot of time as they can investigate issues on the server, quickly configure and execute the commands.

Some scripts which are included are:

  • Cp backup – perform backups for the system
  • setup ftpserver –Gives the freedom to choose amongst proftpd and pure-ftpd, you can disable ftp
  • suspend acct – automate the account suspensions
  • restore pkg –it can restore an account from an existing backup file
  • delpop – removes the email accounts existing on SS
  • restart srv_* – restarts the servers using SSH

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