My impressions after testing the new Mass Planner software

massplannerThe newly innovated Mass Planner software has evidently gained popularity due to its effectiveness in social network scheduling. This social scheduling tool, allows one to schedule posts for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Its easy to use interface allows it to be used by all types of users. Take a look at the amazing features that come with the software, which make the whole package to be effectively used in the social media networks.

Scheduling Posts

It may be burdensome to keep on posting on all the pages groups and accounts that you manage. The Mass Planner plays a great role in making this effortless. You are able to schedule posts on these pages groups and accounts, saving a generous amount of time that you waste to access each webpage. This doesn’t apply only in Facebook but also social sites like Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. In Twitter, which is mostly used in promotion of businesses, it assists in helping your business to remain active in the social site while you use the extra time to manage other areas of your business. In Pinterest, you are able to publish your pins on the best times allowing better reach for your followers. RSS campaigns are also not left behind. The Mass Planner app allows people to share their latest blog posts, increasing traffic in ones blog.

Pinterest Automation

With its use being effective in multiple sites, the best place to use this software is Pinterest. Visual content is said to be the most effective way to market your products. Pinterest drives a lot of traffic to your site. However, many have the problem of re-posting the same advertisement over and over again. This problem is solved with the use of the Mass planner Software which saves you a lot of time by scheduling your pins on your boards. Rescheduling your posts is very simple and it maintains the originality, hence a reduction of errors. In turn, your business will grow after receiving a good number of customers.

Flickr Integration

It allows you to import quality content on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest from Flickr. This allows you to increase value to your customers, mostly when using Pinterest.

Complete History of all Your Social Activity

Instead of retyping the links or manually searching for links the Mass Planner allows you the advantage of directly linking to every post you that you made with mass planner. This is available on all platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Automatic Back Up

When using Pinterest, campaign details are usually lost due to the habit of forgetting to back up files. However, this software solves the problem by automatically backing up the files. You save a lot of time and energy since you are assured that your files are already safely backed-up.


After being used by many users, positive feedback has been received with the software progressively receiving more downloads. It seems that many suffer from the task of managing multiple accounts. If you are working in a company which requires you to manage its social accounts and pages, I can recommend this software to you. You will find out that you will end up saving a lot of time. Rescheduling your posts is advisable since it also reduces errors and keeps the originality in every post. I personally found it to be mostly useful in making links to go viral. You can simply share links from any website of your choice. In short, Download the Mass Planner software and enjoy its amazing features. You can check it out at

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