All about indoor gardens

All about indoor gardens

It is estimated that by 2050, at least seventy percent of the human population in the world will be living in urban cities. This is significant to people who love nature and who love having large patches of earth in which to play, garden or do other things. If seventy percent of the world population will be in urban cities, then this means that most of the human race will be living in cramped apartments in a concrete jungle that will be heavily interconnected using technology.

While all this might sound to be good news to most people who crave an internet connection, it is not pleasing to people who want to have their time with nature. The good news is that there are many companies out there preparing us for the concrete jungles to come by recreating the effects of nature in our homes. 2050 might be far off, but it is worth noting that there are people now living in urban cities who would want to have a piece of their rural roots with them in their pent house apartments in the middle of the city.

This is probably the main reason as to why indoor gardens (like the AeroGarden, Smart Herb garden, Mocle Farm, Sun Garden etc) were invented. In places where people live in flats and other congested areas, it is not easy to get a bit of earth outside that you can claim to be exclusively yours. As such, it would be very difficult to have your own vegetable garden outside your tiny apartment.

However, this does not mean that you have to give up hope at having a garden. Companies like the IndoorGardenShop have come up with revolutionary products that will enable you to have your cake and eat it at the same time. It is no longer true to state that you cannot have a garden inside your house. Some of the products that will make you see that an indoor garden has now become a reality include:

1)      AeroGarden

The Aerogarden is one of the first indoor gardens invented. It took four years of research before it was presented to the consumer market. This is due to the fact that hastily introducing such a product filled with flaws would have ruined the whole indoor garden niche.

The AeroGarden is a fully automated garden that needs little of your input or attention. It is more like an intuitive computer that can accommodate up to seven plants at any one given time. It has the capacity to determine the amount of water and light required by each specific type of plant. It also has the capacity to remind you if any changes are needed in order to ensure the health of the plants growing in it.

2)      Mocle Farm

The Mocle Farm is a scaled down version of the AeroGarden, with the same capability of sensing the exact amount of light and water needed to make a plant flourish. It has a stylish design and a control panel that you can use to control it.

3)      Small Herb Garden

This is a special type of garden from Click and Grow that utilizes LED technology, hence saving a lot of energy in the home and reducing your carbon print at the same time. In this way,  with the smart herb garden you get the functionality of an outdoor garden while still remaining eco friendly inside your house.

Whether it is an urban cultivator, a sun garden or any other modern indoor garden, the fact remains that things have changed. Technology is now being used to take us back to our rural roots.

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