Who Invented VoIP Phone Systems?

These days, we see extreme advancements in technology. There are a lot of advantages in embracing technology completely, but there is a danger lurking in taking them for granted. One way of forgetting their importance is by failing to appreciate their history. One of the most essential modern technologies that we have today is VoIP systems. Only by appreciating its past can we fully take advantage of its capabilities.

The Inventor

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol has a lot of benefits which can be seen in many applications in home phones, as well as business sectors. The history of VoIP systems is very popular among those who really care about it. On the other hand, it might seem strange to those who only hold a passing interest towards it.

If we go back and trace its roots, one name comes to mind – Alan Cohen. Alan is a businessman and entrepreneur born in Israel. In the year 1989, he started VocalTec Inc, inventing a specific type of audio transceiver which eventually made possible the existence of VoIP systems. While his name may not sound a bell to those who are not in the IT field, he is the man behind the curtains of VoIP. His contribution has radically changed the entire telecommunications industry. He received four patents under his name, which is rather a modest count, considering the vast contribution he has made to the industry. As of the moment, he is serving as the Executive VP of Phone.com.

His company VocalTec Communications Inc became the pioneer when it comes to using hosted VoIP systems. As a matter of fact, they were also the ones who offered the services first. In the year 1996, the company became a very successful internet IPO.

The Modern VoIP Phone Systems

VocalTec eventually rose up and became a part of MagicJack back in 2010. On top of that, there are other titans in the industry that are recognised in the field ever since VocalTec introduced VoIP to the world. With Cohen’s pioneering spirit, coupled with forward thinking, VoIP systems that power business phone systems can now provide free long-distance calling all over the world by different companies of different sizes, including average individuals.

Skype, by Microsoft, was among the very first consumer level services running under VoIP systems. It made quite a splash in the industry. It was then followed by Face-Time, by Apple, introducing the use of cameras in handheld devices.

Regardless of the angle that you are looking at, VoIP systems have significantly made an impact on the different ways in which people communicated. While mobile communications may be playing a big role in today’s society, systems running in VoIP have maintained the running of various businesses across different industries.

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