Why You Need An iPad mini Keyboard

ipad_keyboardThe iPad mini is an exceptionally powerful device that you can use to perform various kinds of tasks such as watching movies, read email, books, social media and more. Like nearly all other tablets and mini-tablets, the device is a great content consumption device. However, when it comes to getting productive work done, the iPad mini struggles a bit.

There’s no doubt that the iPad mini features an extremely powerful processor and an operating system that’s capable of running a wide range of powerful productivity applications.

But the problem lies in its keyboard. The on-screen mini keyboard for the iPad mini is so minuscule and very ineffective for any amount of typing at all.

The compact nature of the iPad mini makes it the ideal device for on-the-go note taking, sending quick emails while travelling and so on. But the limited functionality of the keyboard severely prevents anyone from using the iPad mini for any sort of productivity related work at all.

But don’t worry…that’s where an iPad mini keyboard comes in handy.

A keyboard case for your iPad mini can plug into your iPad (or run on wireless via bluetooth depending on the make and model) and can be used to draft documents, write emails and tons of other productivity related tasks.

Here are just two of the many benefits of a keyboard for your iPad mini:

  • You get the most out of your Apps

The iTunes store is stocked with hundreds and thousands of productivity applications that can help you get a lot of things done in a faster and quicker manner. The iPad mini is a powerful device that’s capable of running a lot of these applications. Using the device just for consumption related tasks seems like a waste.

Having a keyboard case will allow you to make use of all the apps available on the iTunes store and use them to the fullest. There are great writing apps available such as Ghostwriter or EverNote.

  • Get work done immediately

If you’re someone that takes the public transport to work daily, you’ll love using the iPad mini with the keyboard case. While travelling, you can use the iPad mini to attend to some urgent/pending emails, voicemails and so on.

You can take care of all the emergency stuff while travelling and once you reach your office, you can focus on longer-range work instead of spending time replying to emails instead.

If you travel privately by your own vehicle, we strongly recommend that you consider this. You’ll be able to get more done and complete your longer-rang projects faster at your office (and focus on emails during travel). The iPad mini with a keyboard case can make it possible.

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