Is Your ISP Delivering the Promised Internet Speed?

Here’s the question – is your internet service provider (ISP) delivering the speed that you expect from it? Have you wondered why there is a mismatch between the speed promised by your ISP and what is actually delivered? In other words, is your ISP messing with you?

At, we are proud to offer the world’s most accurate broadband internet speed testing tool. We generally get tens of thousands of internet users on a daily basis who perform an internet speed test, broadband speed test and DSL speed test our site.

So you can say that we get a ringside view of the internet speeds achieved by users across the world, and it’s not a pretty picture! Most of our users around the world, especially those in emerging nations such as India, Vietnam, the Philippines, Colombia and Brazil, have serious issues with their ISP.

They are promised internet speeds of 4 Mbps, but as they can check from our internet speed checking tool, they actually get very little – not more than 0.5875 to 1.2 Mbps. Is that a problem with your broadband internet too? Do run a quick internet speed test at Do Speed Test and find out.


If you want a broadband connection with a faster ping response time, you can either upgrade the plan that you are using on your ISP or switch to a different ISP altogether. There are a number of companies out there that offer broadband service, you just have to go looking for them.

There’s no reason to tie yourself to just one company. You can now switch your ISP within days. Don’t worry – nobody believes in being loyal to an ISP – an ISP is only as good as the internet speed they deliver for you. If your internet service provider is not reliable enough, perhaps you need to look elsewhere.

The marketplace today is a highly competitive one and most ISPs realise this. Many have been upgrading their technologies to match the expectations of their users. Those that fail to keep up with the times or deliver the internet speeds that are expected of them, get shunted out. Such internet service providers won’t stay in business for too long as customers of today have become highly unforgiving.

So before we conclude, here’s a quick explanation of what we mean when we talk about broadband speed. Broadband speeds are actually very easy to explain, they are measured in Mbps or Mega Bytes Per Second.

Internet speeds can typically vary from 0.5 Mbps (which is pretty low) to 100 Mbps (which is super fast, but common in countries such as South Korea. Check out our popular blog post on the countries with the fastest internet – South Korea comes on top.)

When you have a high Mbps, you can download much faster, and stream movies effortlessly. You will be amazed at the sort of things that you will be able to achieve, such as downloading an entire music collection or playlist within minutes. So do a broadband speed test at and find out if you’re getting what you’ve been promised.

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