Jenna Astrologer Scam

This is a horoscope originally authored by Chr...

This is a horoscope originally authored by Chris Brennan on en.wikipedia. The original was in raster format; this version I (Lucis) vectorized in Inkscape using its autotrace tool. The horoscope itself was drawn for the inception of the WikiProject Astrology on English Wikipedia: June 10, 2006 at 1:00 PM in Cumberland, Maryland, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Astrology is one of the oldest sciences that have revived to this day. Based on the solid foundation of astronomy, the subject is often capable of inducing a significant level of curiosity in the ordinary mind. Throughout the human history, people have honored astrology and adapted it in their own lives, often with satisfactory results. Unfortunately, with the advent of the internet and the emergence of a money-oriented world of competition and deception, online astrologers like Jenna have started exploiting innocent people for making some quick cash. Still, a surprisingly large number of people are becoming victims of such fraudulent activities every day.

In reality, there’s no such person as Jenna. ‘She’ is probably an evil computer program dedicated to strip people of their money. One’s venture with Jenna starts in quite an ordinary way, often through her official website AboutAstro. Within 48 hours of submitting your personal information, you’ll receive “a long personal text” via e-mail, which contains nothing personal in reality, except for what you already provided. If you’re interested to learn more, now it’s time to start paying handsomely. From that point onwards, the journey will continue as if Jenna were just another fake online astrologer.

Even if you choose not to pay for Jenna’s predictions, her ‘friendliness’ doesn’t die away. You’ll continue receiving persuasive e-mails urging you to peek at your fortune, suggesting the onset of some major events in the near future. In some cases, clients of Jenna have received ‘reiki grids’ which are said to be capable of manipulating fields of positive energy to bring fortune and happiness to your life. Her e-mails are rich in friendly approaches and convincing jargon. However, comparison of e-mails sent to two different people will reveal some striking similarities, no matter how unique their horoscopes may be. In the meantime, Jenna may also provide her clients with e-books on some interesting topics like developing clairvoyance on one’s own and guiding one’s spiritual life with a pendulum.

Needless to say, it’s not worth paying attention to such meaningless rubbish. Regardless of whether true astrology is genuine or not, your intelligence and common sense will certainly warn you of approaching danger once you start receiving Jenna’s newsletter. Many of her clients—or ‘victims’, in another sense—will testify to the fact that she is just another example for computerized scam. Astrology experts have also found numerous inconsistencies in her predictions such as certain planets taking up particular positions ‘for several years’, whereas planets actually remain in motion across the zodiac all the time. Besides, it’s highly improbable that mere constructions like reiki grids can at least produce a magnetic field or energy flow, let alone determine your fate or bring you good fortune.

You can find more shocking, and perhaps interesting, details about Jenna astrologer scam through various online sources. Fortifying the general public with this type of awareness is the most effective way to defend such fraudulent activities, putting an end to all sorts of scammers trying to engulf the assets of their fellow citizens.

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