Join With Our Online Market Place from Your Home

It is a great opportunity to get any food or drink product staying at your home. As well as, it is an immense opportunity to earn money staying at your home by selling food and drink products through our online market place. It is nothing but the world biggest virtual marketplace for foods and drinks, ‘Foodris’ (Food, Drink and Shop). Now is at your hand to make your life easy, comfortable and enjoyable. Foodris helps you to save your valuable time, money, energy by shopping from your home without moving from one place to another and waiting in long queue.


Foodris works for your betterment. You can start a business for food and drink product from your home to local, local to national and international. It is the meeting place of buyer and artisan. If you are producer of food and drink products, it is a great opportunity to expand your business very easily. You can make your life luxurious by earning profit from selling products through our website. You will be closely connected to consumer. They will directly contact with you for their desired item from their own place. The most important thing is that, there is unlimited space (virtual space) to display your products. You can offer as many products as you want. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to build a physical market (brick market) and start a business but a virtual market is ready for you along with its valuable customers. You just make ready your products maintaining required quality.

Both consumer and producer will be winner because ‘Foodris’ is based on shared success. Foodris make money when foodris sellers make money. Market fees calculated on a “pay-as-you-sell” basis, meaning that you have to pay only a commission of 5% fee for sales completed through foodris. We only charge you when we have successfully helped you sale your products and grow your business. There are no other extra costs like no setup cost, no monthly contract fees, and no hidden fees. So it is a great opportunity for you to expand your business globally.

If you are thinking to start a small business for food and drink products but afraid to make a market then join with our ready virtual market place without wasting your valuable time. Fantastic customers are waiting for your ideal products because now a day customers are too busy with their important tasks and they have few time for shopping. Most customers want to buy products with any harassments like wasting their valuable time, wasting energy, money and feel bore waiting in long queue. So it is the appropriate way to meet both customers and buyers need. It is quite simple to start business using foodris; if you want to sale your food and / or drink products on ‘Foodris’, just make sure they fit within our terms of use, and then visit ‘Create a Store’ to set up your shop. It is completely free to set up a global business.

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