Join younique

So I was asked, “Why Did I Join Younique Products?” I really didn’t have to search in my thoughts too long, to come up with tons of reasons. One thought stood out more than the others! That I was feeling the need to be a part of something big, a sisterhood! There is nothing like being around confident women with amazing stories and helping each other all in the mist of amazing makeup!


Younique helps so many women around the world to feel confident about themselves and teach us to be strong! Our awesome makeup helps us women to enhance the things we love and hide the things we may not like too much! When I came across Younique I was super excited about all their products and how it may would help hide my baby acne! Being that I was pregnant with my now 4 month old son. I became fascinated about makeup 2 years prior to joining Younique and dabbled with another company. At that time I felt something was missing! So, when I started finding all these videos about Younique and all their products. I became very interested, even though I thought they were just a company with some mascara. Once I started doing my research I seen how amazing this company was and what it stood for! I also had been secretly watching my now mentor on Facebook and seen how motivated she was! I knew I had to talk to her.

When I finally decided to join Younique I was like a kid on the first day of school, a little excited and nervous. I wanted to do well and stay focused! We all have those friends that cheer you on and those others that give you every negative that they can think of. I started following other presenters, watching my mentor, and started learning to ignore those that did not support me! I knew once they would see me becoming a better self they would get intrigued! Plus I didn’t feel along because I had my new found sister hood! I was able to stay motivated and driven! There is nothing like making that first sell, it placed me in a new mindset and I started to believe there was nothing that can stand in my way!

My success didn’t happen overnight and I’m still a work in progress! With me having awesome people helping me and teaching me to be a better self! And how could I forget, playing with makeup! This has been the company for me! I have been in direct sales for almost 5 years and I’m telling anyone that would listen we are a true family and we really do help each other in everyday life not only business.

So this is my personal why! No I’m not a millionaire yet, but I do have an amazing support system that is helping me get there! I hope my “Why”; can help you see how grateful I am to be a part of such a super group of people, Younique! Join Younique