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The relationship of the American singing sensation and Salena Gomez always stayed under a great lime light and the cosy news of them is always making the headlines. The big rumours about this relationship finally got its approval from both the persons when Justin kissed Salena at the OSCARS. After that several sightings of the couple was caught up in the lens of paparazzi. Even being two year older than Justin it did not took time to visualise both the sensation of Hollywood to be in a strong relation. Few weeks back a London tabloid did came up with rumours of couple undergoing a break up just as the Angelina Brad break up issue but Justin threw away the rumours by saying it to be all rubbish.

The recent closeness of Justin with Kingston really made Salena unhappy as the later had illegal possession of arms charges against him . Kingston’s presence with Justin doomed the star feature of Justin but indeed the news of break up due to these are claimed to be all non-sense. The news about this couple did come as a jolt to Justin’s family and they was shocked after listening to the news of relationship between the two initially but even within few days it all turned to be completely doomed completely by the family of Justin Known for pen to all news about this couple, Justin himself said to The Seventeen that he wants his fans to know all that is happening in his life.

Justin also has a great support for his co-star Salena and do patronize her work. Salena also confessed that she is all okay with the large female fan following of Justin and she thinks that it is beautiful to have such a great support from fans .Although rumours about star couples are unstoppable but teenage couple sensation like this was hardly experienced in past. Verbal discomfort dialogues were also registered like Salena calling Justin just a kid etc. even though the saying was true but the story turned out to all negative for which Salena again came to neutralise the matter in the public.

The Miami holiday of the couple became the most pictured picture taken by media in which both of them were in swim suits. The warm relationship maintained among them is highly applauded by varied classes as at this age long lasting this type of relationship is hardly seen and to expect from Hollywood fraternity where breakups are of day and night issue. At most of the awards Justin and Salena have been found to openly publicise their relationship.

The best and cutest Hollywood couple voted by several magazines this couple really made headlines and became most viewed article on net after the OSCAR incident. The recent news of Salena getting pregnant was indeed the eye catcher but no proof or approval was available regarding this.Thus,when it comes to teenage sensation in Hollywood singing star Justin’s relationship with Salena Gomez is and will be the one of the best story of the page 3 gossip.

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