Justin Bieber Concerts in 2011 and 2012

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Justin Drew Bieber, the new pop sensation in the U S and other western countries is now becoming famous worldwide and having his concerts all across the world. Born in 1st March, 1994 in Canada, the 17 year old boy announced as the second best paid celebrity in the world having an annual income of $53 US per annum. Being a singer, song writer, musician and actor all in one, Justin Bieber is the youngest star to perform a world tour. He is no doubt the rising star in the world of pop and contemporary rhythm and blues (simply known as R&B). He can play guitars, piano, percussions and trumpet too.

This world famous singer is performing many shows over the world in the running year and will going to perform many upcoming days and years too. The famous shows of Bieber in 2011 are in Texas in the March 7th. Bieber is performing a world tour this year too and he has performed in Singapore Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and in Indonesia in the first of the month April. The he performed shows in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide of Australia in the end of April and in the first week of May and after that he again flew back to Asia to perform in Manila in the first half of May. And then he performed in Osaka, Tokyo in the mid of May. Bieber will go to perform many shows in the end of this year in the South American countries like – Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and others.

Justin Bieber’s show listings and concert dates for 2011 are out. But his show dates for the year 2012 is not out yet except the one in the very early in the next New Year at January 4th in Rosemont Theatre, Illinois of America. The Bieber followers are really creating hypes and craze regarding his upcoming show and all the tickets are sold out. Bieber is facing problems with his fans during some shows too. But we are hoping another rocking year with another World Tour from Bieber with more and best rock music in the groove.

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  • alison says:

    hi there please can you tell me your dates for uk tour dates. my daughter loves justin and i would love to get her tickets to see him for christmas. thank you very much alison

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