Kalyanam Mudhal

Kalyanam Mudhal kadhal Varai Arjun was returning from the party he drunk fully and came to his home he asked his driver whether he is married and told him not to marry anyone.
Arjun came inside his house at that time one girl opened the door then arjun mother told him he is villi she is going to marry you and she only prepared lunch for you.
But arjun got angry he told I won’t marry anybody and went to his room.Arjun mother went and talked with him but arjun shouted and went out from home.Arjun called ashok and he was talking about his wife. He told she will go from you also I am only going to win in this he told.
Then priya came to arjun to talk about pooja.Arjun shouted don’t talk about her then priya said pooja is your daughter and you are responsible for her.
Villi’s mother went out of arjun’s house by scolding arjun’s mother.Priya and arjun came with each other seeing this priya’s mother thought they were lover’s. Priya’s mother told you are having arjun’s photo in computer screen. At that time another guest came to see priya and her mother. They were talking about priya and arjun. They asked priya you told me in a function you are having one affair this is that person.
Priya told come inside the house aunty we can talk don’t talk here but they didnot listen to priya words. Arjun mother asked them what drama you all are playing here. Seeing this arjun got angry and shouted to get out everybody from there, so he is shouted very much and get angry for this also.
Upto this scene todays episode comes to end, next we will see tomorrow in small screen in what happens.

Kalyanam Mudhal kadhal Varai The episode begins in Pooja’s home. Arjun was introducing the priya to his mom. Arjun says that he is not interested in Priya. Arjun says to Mrs. Unni to take care of her daughter and she shouldn’t involve in his life. Priya started shouting at him for scolding her mother. Arjun was telling her everything that her mother came to his office and checked for his salary and payslip and all. Arjun also says that she is trying to seduce him for his salary. She started shouting and fights with him for her mother. He behaves very harsh with both of them and never cares for them.
She comes talking in Buttler English and calling the workers. Sukanya comes in there and took the baby from her. Sukanya says that she only sent the workers outside for market. She also complains about them and says that they are not working. But she is not interested in going for others. Sukanya asks about arjun’s wedding. Her mother told that the she is also searching for a girl to get marry to Arjun. Sukanya says that she already seen a girl for Arjun. Sukanya continues to say that she saw her in-law for Arjun. Her mother is not so comfortable initially and later she also accepts
Mrs. Unni was so happy and talking to anu over the phone. She started talking to her husband and says that she has got some news. She found someone for Priya and his name is Pratheep and it seems he is coming from Australia. Unni asks her is she knows everything about the past. She says that he knows everything about her and she also told him that he is coming to see Priya today to her home. She is so excited and she is ready to receive him and starts preparing everything.
Arjun’s mother was asking about unni’s family to Vidhya. She asks about the food items which they use to eat. Vidhya tells that they have some function in their home and they are preparing for it.
Pooja comes and talks to his father about her holiday tomorrow. But he doesn’t care about it. She is so worried and looked at her grand mother.