Kick-starting Cloud Career with OpenStack

Computing is heading hard in the cloud, as cloud computing is on wide acceptance since the last decade. If you want to be updated with the recent industry trends and build a career in it, understanding the technology that underlies cloud is important. Cloud offers several opportunities for using Open Source software through up and down the stack and is rapidly growing, making pave for the jobs related to it.

OpenStack is the forefront cloud infrastructure and is emerging as a great option to start the career for the budding engineers. As the demand for OpenStack grows, the need for expertise in OpenStack is also growing. This resulted in high demand for candidates opting for complete practical knowledge on OpenStack. Beginning from startups to the multi-national companies, enterprises of all sizes are offering high dollars for candidates with relevant command and skills in OpenStack.

Why only OpenStack?

Cloud platforms, especially OpenStack is growing massively in the recent era as one of the key software in the world of cloud computing. Cloud Engineer might find thousands of technologies to work with Cloud environment, but getting familiar and implementing OpenStack is one among many. Cloud Computing is there to stay, paying path for the bright career in OpenStack. It is the technology where innovation happens and where job opportunities are arising. It is undoubtedly one of the best technologies in the existing market, to kick-start the career. Take a look at the broad range of specializations needed and start grabbing the opportunities around the world. Intelligently create and build a career in cloud software as OpenStack is opening its arms wide for the qualified seekers.

Necessary skill sets

First be aware where OpenStack fits into the picture of cloud computing. Once you are well aware of the basics, try it out practically.

  • OpenStack is one of the widest open source movements.

  • It is free and open source platform for cloud computing and is majorly deployed as Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).

  • OpenStack enables a powerful set of services for ensuring programmable access to compute, storage and networking processes.

  • OpenStack is written in easy to learn language, Python.

  • This software platform consists of interrelated components that handle hardware pools of processing, storage and networking resources throughout the data center.

  • OpenStack is the bundle of several cutting edge products that promote the best experience in the cloud environment.

  • OpenStack engine makes scalable, and secure deployments for computing power and storage in the modern data center.

As an OpenStack cloud engineer, one must possess efficient knowledge and skills on:

  • Linux
  • Python
  • OpenStack deployment and maintenance.

Widely used

  • OpenStack gained support from thousands of developers and hundreds of companies.

  • Several companies are using OpenStack to build their private cloud and many other companies are striving for services to maintain it.

  • OpenStack possess strongest ecosystem globally.

Job Trends

Most of the technological giants are investing heavily on OpenStack in order to leverage its growing trend. Invest a little time in OpenStack and you are way to go. Its job market is one among the top growing fields in the present situation and greatly outpaces all the other cloud infrastructure jobs and has doubled its opportunities in recent times. Companies are creating OpenStack jobs quicker than they can fill them and more new companies are evolving in the field. Jobs related to OpenStack pay 36% more when compared to jobs in regard with other open source technologies.

The graph below shows the relentless growth in the jobs related to OpenStack.

Final Words

Many of the world’s largest brands are relying on OpenStack to lessen the costs and move faster in the field of business. In the next 3-4 years, it is believed that OpenStack will be within every enterprise. Already the OpenStack community is vibrant all over the world, including India, being third largest. Right at the moment, OpenStack developers are in high demand and it is skyrocketing day by day in the industry of cloud computing.

The more you learn OpenStack, the more you will explore its significance for your career as well as the enterprise. So, OpenStack training helps develop problem-solving skills and be a seasoned cloud professional.

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