The Kingdom of Smartphone

Saudi Arabia – is The Kingdom of Smartphone & a Key Growth Market for Smartphone Makers


As the technology is getting advanced, smartphone makers are launching a variety of smartphones for users of all ages, genders, and preferences. Though, Smartphone users are increasing everywhere in this World, Saudi Arabia is one such place that has been noticing a tremendous increase in Smartphone usage among people of all ages and genders. One of the broadband experts in telecom industry in Saudi Arabia Eng. Ahmed Alshaia he is made an interested infographic about Smartphones in KSA & Here are some of the facts about smartphone usage in Saudi Arabia that –taking from there- make this place a “Key Growth Market for Smartphones Makers:”

  • Saudi Arabia comprises a total of 67% users of smartphone users worldwide. These users are from age under 15 and more.
  • 89% Internet users access internet on their mobile phones, 73% users access internet on their smartphones, 48% users access internet on their laptops, and only 12% users access internet on their desktop. Comparing to USA users, this data is 83%, 56%, 55%, and 48% respectively.
  • People in Saudi Arabia spend more time using the smartphone each day. They spend 189 minutes using the smartphone, 109 minutes watching TV, 99 minutes using Laptop, and only 43 minutes using tablets.
  • Saudi Arabia is the largest world for smartphone subscribers compared with the population and in 2014, there will be an estimated growth of 15%.
  • According to a forecast done by Cisco, mobile data traffic will reach 170.3 Petabytes per month by 2018 in Saudi Arabia. And, out of that, 98% traffic will be ‘Smart’ traffic.
  • Mobile App revenue is 68% compared to mobile ads.
  • 10M-50M Cookies & 500M – 1B impressions available in the Google Advertisement Inventory for Saudi Arabian market in only “Telecom Services & Products.” And, out of this, 89% is just mobiles and tablets.
  • 82% percent users fear the data usage impact of mobile apps on their monthly data limit and therefore, they have avoided using an app. 71% of men and 62% of women would engage them if they are provided with sponsored data plans.
  • With inclusion of InfoGin’s Content Overlay solution, Smartphone web optimizers can achieve up to 30% data savings, which may help increase their revenues.
  • Out of total 100% mobile devices, 70% are smartphone. This percentage is almost double when compared to 2009.
  • Top brands of smartphones include Samsung with 44% shares, Apple with 23% shares, Blackberry with 19%, and Nokia with 11%.
  • Smartphones with more sensors are in more demand.

All of this info is gathered & presented in the following infograpgic which is made by Eng.Ahmed Alshaia from Saudi Telecom Company & the broadband & Data Expert in Saudi Arabia

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