Laser Cutter versus CNC Machine

If you’re looking to acquire CNC equipment or machinery then this might be a pretty helpful point to get more info.  Numerical Controls stepped up to a CNC soon after computer technology began converting graphical design  directly into simple numbers, thereby manipulating the laser cutter (see cutting machines here: Probably the best asset to this technology is undoubtedly double movement axes offering concurrent action. So, users are therefore, able to create 2D or 3D head movement ability. The CNC actually emerged right after  the war on account of the current Air Force industry’s demand to build more accurate and complicated parts.

So, the question is where would a shop make the most money? If you talk to anyone experienced with a CNC or
laser machine and most will admit that the money maker would be a CNC router. CNC machines do run similar to a laser
machine but at the same time they’re completely different.

Compared to a laser CNCs have more than double the steps from design to creation. They also
mandate expensive software and a long learning curve. Learning how to run a CO2 laser machine is much
easier. In fact producing money paying work would take a new CNC operator several months longer compared
to a laser operator. And I dont think most people have the mental capacity to program a CNC. However,
about anyone can operate a laser. And it is so much easier for a complete newbie to get up and running
with it especially if they dont have a machine oriented background.

The laser machine is much like a cnc the only difference being is that instead of the tool being a router
you have a very thin tool or a laser beam instead. The laser beam also has a lot more flexibility with
precision cuts that a router can’t attain. Also, routers will wear out depending on the material whereas
the laser will never ware out as far as the tool is concerned. Overall each have their pros and cons and
are both a welcome addition to most any work shop.

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