The laser Etcher in Business

Laser technology has found many new uses since its invention. Whether its cutting, engraving or marking the machine has many surprising uses.

It has been predominantly utilized in the industrial sector for precision cutting but lately it has been making its mark in the consumer sector also with the proliferation  of laser engraved items. There are many easily available gifts and daily use items which make use of the laser etching or cutting process.

One of the reasons for growing popularity of the laser engraved items is the easy availability and lower price of laser etcher or laser machines. The machines  available earlier were not only heavy and bulky but were also very costly and out of the reach of many small businesses. However, the latest laser etching machines  are available in the market at a decent price and make for great business.

One of the latest innovations in the field of laser machines has been the successful demonstration of use of laser etching safely for labeling of fruit. The  research done at the University of Florida demonstrated that laser etching done on grapefruit does not result in any creation of open cavities which may lead  to water loss and provide an entryway for harmful bacteria.

In addition to the commercial laser cutting machines, there are many websites which provide instructions on making your own laser engraver with the use of easily available components but the DIY laser engraver systems are useful for having fun and cannot make precise cuts.

These days, the laser machines based on CO2 or fiber can be used to do the etching or marking on a wide variety of items. These laser markers can be used to mark on:


There are many different laser machines available in the market which are not only portable but also come at a low price which is within the reach of many small businesses.

The industrial use of lasers involve cutting of metals, textiles, rubber and many other hard to cut things. However, the real fun with a laser machine lies in the wide possibilities in the consumer market.

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