Laser etching

Laser etching is a contact free process and doesn’t require the work piece to be fixed during the etching process. Some Main Aspects of the Etching Process:

. The Laser is safely enclosed in a sealed container, and doesn’t contain dangerous mobile parts.

. Etching using a laser results in more accurate and finer details as compared to conventional etching techniques.

. There is also significant increase in productivity as the speed given by these devices is unmatched.

. Most of the new generation CO2 and Fiber Lasers are equipped with a highly functional user interface which further helps in handling the etching equipment.

The laser machine can be thought of as consisting of three main parts. The laser itself is like a pen or pencil, the emitted beam is used to draw and etch patterns into the material. The controller is basically a computer which governs the intensity, direction, movement etc. of the laser. The surface to be worked upon should be made of a material that the laser can act upon like laser sensitive polymers, plastics, metals etc.

As far as the types of Lasers are concerned, we can choose between CO2 lasers and Fiber Lasers. Normally CO2 lasers are preferred if you need quality and flexibility throughout different types of materials. When etching materials up to a shallow depth the fiber laser shows better performance. It is better to ask an expert on which type of laser is best suited for your needs.

Some major areas where Lasers are used for etching purposes are:

. Metal Engraving

With advancements in technology now people use lasers to engrave though materials such as stainless steel.

. Jewelry Etching

Laser devices are better suited to do the precise work needed in etching designs or logos on delicate jewelry.

. Plastic Engraving

Plastic is a laser friendly material and one can use lasers to engrave the material.

Other materials like Glass, Wood etc. can also be beautified or marked using Laser techniques.

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  • bill williams says:

    I’ve etched metal for years and brass plates and my business has really profited etching metal of the past decade. Fiber is better than CO2 though.

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