Latest iPhone Rumors and News Roundup: Features, Release Date, and More

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Apple always seems to have something new and interesting in the works. The iPhone 5 is the latest digital device on the market, and plans for the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 6 are already making headlines. Always secretive until Apple is absolutely ready for release, rumors are leaking into the online community about what to expect…and what not to expect…. in these new Apple offerings.

The Next Release?

A mere 6 short months after the release of the previous 5 version, there was already talk of a potential release date of early spring 2013 for the already anticipated iPhone 5S or potentially the iPhone 6. Well, it is now late summer, and the expectation is now for late September or early October, perhaps even later. Some believe that the possibility for a device named the iPhone 6 is unlikely, but the International Business Times is reporting that two new models will likely hit the market almost simultaneously.

Internet chatter is projecting the likelihood of something from Apple being released very soon, with September 10, 2013 appearing to be the magic date. Perhaps the iPhone 5S will hit first, and the 6 Series will follow a week or two later. Still others believe that the iPhone 6 will come out sometime in 2014. Then, there is the iPhone Mini expected release date for September 27, which may or may not be the same model as the iPhone 6. It can all be very confusing.

The Rumored Features and Differences

The only thing that is certain is that nothing is certain when it comes to Apple! They love to build up the sales hype and internet speculation so that we all run to the stores in droves just to end our unyielding curiosity once and for all. But the iPhone 5S is the leading candidate at the time of this article, expected to possess increased internet speeds that exceed 10 times that of the current 3G networks. All of these new devices are also expected to utilize the iOS7 package.

The iPhone 6 will likely be nicknamed the iPhone Mini, for all intents and purposes. This will be a cheaper, plastic version of the 5S, expected to be available in several color choices that include pink, blue, black, and white. The iPhone 5S is likely to look identical to the current 5 Model but with a better camera and a faster processor. Since the iPhone 6 (or Mini) is basically the same thing as the 5S, but made of cheaper materials, you can assume that the 6 Model will also have the same upgraded camera and processor features.

If you are still confused, you are obviously not alone! The entire online community is playing the “guessing game”, but this is what has made Apple the world’s leader in digital technology to date: Great Products and ever better Marketing Strategies!

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