League of Legends and meaning of succeed

League of Legends (LoL)— Launched in 2009 by „Riot games” is one of the most popular games on earth, the game is about online fighting with friends or just random people around the world. League of Legends succeed to make players to stay online for a lot of hours becoming fans and wanting to look like them favorite champions commanding suits from online shop.

It’s a MOBA game, this type of game was firstly played on Warcraft where a lot of persons which wanted to play something new created the map called Dota. League of Legends is based on a gameplay with two bases because there are supposed to be 5 players in each team.Bases are the objective of the game, in League of Legends are called Nexus, and three lanes where at a fixed timing some creatures will spawn and go on each road of lanes, somewhere at half of distance between bases the waves of creatures called creeps by players will fight to fight to reach at towers, but not alone there is the part where players chose a hero from a collection of 110+ champions,any hero can be on a suit for any fan, and each champion will fight with the enemy champions and creatures, to rich gold to buy new gear to become stronger until one of the teams will get the nexus.

About LoL seasons — Each year „Riot games” made a new season now being at 4th one in each one they are trying to change much of gameplay for making it more and more interesting for fans, at each finish of seasons good players receive various prizes.

About championships- League of Legends it’s not a simple game it is an entire sport, where people around the world can come to measure them skills fighting with each other and win important sums of money. A single reward of a championship can grow to 2.000.000 dollars. They make this money from players which donate to buy new appearance to them champions and from League of Legends Merchandise.

About League of Legends Merchandise — Official store has appeared in 2010, but before this lots of fans created handmade League of Legends T-shirts, a very popular tradition in Asia and now in Europe and America also is to dress exactly like favourite heroes with them items and so on, this tradition is called cosplay and is very popular now a days if we think about entire events like„Comicon” where people is coming dressed in cute and interesting clothes. There players and fans can buy League of Legends T-shirts with different messages or image of champions. But T-shirts is not only feature that is offering the shops of LoL, there is a complex collection of League of Legends hoodies, Shoes, Jackets with varying prices. The most bought thing of LoL collection was Teemos Cap, it is one of the cutest heroes in the game because it is little and very loved by players and the most representative cloth of it is the green hat with a pair of red sunglasses and his ears on the top of head. After some period of time Riot games release new champions which can become a new favourite thing for players.