All about lean consulting

What is lean manufacturing?

Lean manufacturing is the act of maximizing customer value by decreasing or eradicating the cost of production and the waste during production.

The main aim of lean manufacturing is to have the best quality at the end of the production yet spend as little as possible during the manufacturing. In most cases, lean manufacturing focuses on management.

Its aim is to limit or eradicate the following: transportation, inventory, motion, waiting, over-production over-processing and defects.

Who is a lean consultant?

A lean consultant is a person or a firm that are consulted by a given company to help them maximize their production. The main aim of a lean consultant is to have the company that is hiring to deal with all the factors that are causing to lose money or waste their materials. They also help the company to come up with strategies that will help improve their rate of production. In most cases, lean consultants will focus their energy on the decision and strategy makers of the family.

Reasons why you need a lean consultant

Lean consultants will educate you on what lean manufacturing actually means. The strategies you can use and the best way to go about the implementation. This will help prevent you from committing mistakes in your attempt to do lean manufacturing.

Lean Consulting will work closely with your management system to make sure that they understand and choose the best strategies for your company and your employees. This will help prevent you or your management from making decisions that will only benefit one side of the company.

Lean consultants will help you come up with objective solutions. Since they are not employees of the company, they will handle the lean manufacturing process in a very objective way. This will allow you to come up with solutions that are not biased and ones that will benefit your company.

Lean consultants have lots of experience when it comes to lean manufacturing. They will be able to give you strategies and advice that are sound and practical. This will help keep you and your management from making strategies that sound logical yet is impractical.

How to hire a lean consultant

There are so many firms that claim to be the best lean consultants. One thing that is true is the fact that there is only one that is the best for your company. The only problem is finding that one company that suits you best. Here are some pointers on how to find the best lean company:

  • Experience

Look at the company or person’s experience. The older the company is the better. This is because; older companies have dealt with many companies under different situations and times.

  • The consultant has to have a good facilitator

The fact that they will be dealing with people means that they have to know how to handle them. Or else, the whole lean manufacturing process may be met with resistance. You know what they say about change; it’s the hardest thing.

  • Hire from a well respected firm

This will make it easier for the consultant. This is because, most people find it hard to submit and learn from someone they think is inferior or not worth respecting. This means that you will need to hire from a company that has a good reputation and is respectable.

  • The facilitator has to be a good coach

Since the facilitator’s job is to help the people involved in the process understand and implement the strategies put in place for lean manufacturing, s/he has to be a good coach to help them understand and implement what is needed accurately.

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