Learn More About 3 Emergency Response Systems

There are many work environments where safety must be paramount. From correctional security guards to lone workers, it is critical to maintain a safety net. Fortunately there are many systems available for installation to ensure the safety of employees who would otherwise be at risk. These systems not only protect your employees: in many cases they offer protection for the people your employees watch over. A nurse equipped with one of these systems can quickly get help for a patient or call in a disturbance (in the case of mental health institutions). A lone security guard can call for help in the case of a medical emergency in a correctional facility. These systems help increase the security for all parties involved, in any establishment where safety in essential.

Radio Frequency Security Systems (Securalert-RF)

The radio frequency security system is a wireless call system. It is a basic radio receiver that can be combined with additional parts to increase range or a monitor to give an alarm should the need arise. This system is popular in retirement care facilities and mental health care.

Ultra Sound Security Systems (Securalert)

This is a wireless panic button system. When triggered, it transmits a signal to an alert receiver (like a security desk for example). The ultra-sound technology allows for 100% accuracy when pinpointing where in the building the distress is coming from. It is the best security solution for inside a building and can be hardwired or wireless.

Hybrid Security System (Securalert-Hybrid)

This system is a combination of the previous two listed here. It combines radio frequency technology with ultra-sounds to offer everything you need. This system is popular in correctional facilities and large hospitals. It offers the short range communication possibilities of radio and the pinpointing accuracy of ultra-sound in the case of emergency.

Each of these systems has diverse strengths that suit a large variety of jobs. It depends on the facility, the layout, the number of employees, whether or not there are lone workers employed, etc. Keeping your employees and those under your care safe is critical, and should not be left to chance.

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