Learn how to make money streaming on Twitch

Twitch can be a source of income for those who know how to make top quality streams and can stay interactive with their audience. On this massive live-streaming website, popularized for gaming, users can see themselves making a decent amount of money doing nothing more than playing video games. What does it take to earn money on Twitch? The process is relatively easy, it just takes a little bit of work and some persistence.

How do I begin?

The first step to making money on twitch is by creating your own profile and start playing video games. This may sound deceptively easy, but that’s all there is to it. The first big decision to make is deciding which games to play. Often times, it is wise to check what other users are currently watching while on the site. This most popular list is usually varied with different genres so if you’re considering streaming, chances are you’re already rather skilled in at least one of them.

Consistency is key

Once you’re all set up and have decided which games you’ll play, it’s time to create a schedule and really stick to it. There’s no better way to earn recurring viewers and eventually followers other than this method. If your audience doesn’t know when you’ll be online, they aren’t very likely to seek you out. Sticking to a set schedule allows for your viewers to plan when to watch you. Even during long stretches of streaming and gameplay, starting at the same time or with a consistency of every two or three days will dramatically increase the chances for an audience to settle in when it comes time to stream.


Build your audience

After sticking to a schedule it’s time to consider how you’ll increase the size of your audience. This is directly correlated to amount of money that will be possible to earn so it’s important to put the right amount of energy into this as well as the quality of your stream. There are methods you can use for increasing the number of people willing to watch, stick around, and let their friends know too. Social media can play a big role in reaching new people and continuing to grow your viewership. While sticking to certain games is fun, try interactive titles to compete and test your skills against those watching you.

Stay interactive

The biggest mistake made by streamers is assuming that you’ll just earn viewers if you play or stream and do nothing else. Boring streamers don’t make money. That’s the simple truth. Viewers come watch something entertaining while also watching a game they like. They want to hear good commentary and reactions from the gameplay. Be sure to stay alive while you play. Talk to your viewers, even if there are only seven of them. Before you know it, more viewers will show up to watch your stream.