Learning to Fly a Quadcopter

A quadcopter is an unmanned aerial vehicle with 4 blades propelling it. These flying devices are controlled via a remote controller with joysticks from the pilot on the ground. There’s a lot of great quadcopters for beginners out there today, so it has never been easier to learn. However, figuring out how to fly a quadcopter takes time and effort and is not something the majority will master in a day. Let’s look at some tips on learning how to fly a quadcopter quickly and safely.


Fly Your Quadcopter Safely

A quadcopter must be flown with full attention and caution to yourself and surroundings. This will help you keep control of the quadcopter and avoid damaging any structures or living beings around you. In the event that your quadcopter is going to crash, turn the throttle down to zero and let it fall. This is better than trying a risky maneuver and causing harm to somebody. Additionally, verify you are flying the quadcopter in a totally open space will remove most potential issues you’ll have. You should also check out the FAA page on drone restrictions to ensure you’re not in a restricted area.

Leaving the Ground

Position your quadcopter on a level surface. Make the throttle is at zero. Turn the quadcopter on, and gradually start giving it throttle until your quadcopter begins to take flight. Practice just keeping it in the air and hovering, don’t worry about making any other movements at this time. In the event that this is first flight, don’t be astonished on the off chance that it’s short and extremely troublesome. The more you fly your quadcopter, the better you’ll get at flying it.

Unleash Your Quadcopter!

Now that you can keep it in the air, it’s time to have some fun! Try flying out in an open space and returning. Trying flying a figure 8. When you get very comfortable, try flying around yourself! Just make sure you don’t fly higher than 15 feet off the ground, as you could have a wind gust blow your drone a considerable distance and crash it. If at any time you feel out of control of your quadcopter, remember to just release the throttle and let it drop.