My Lightroom Editing setup with Keypad/Hotkeys

CB Photography has photographed over 400 weddings on Vancouver Island in nearly a Decade. The owner Chris has honed his editing workflow over those years for quick efficient editing of his wedding images.

Chris’s editing tool of choice is Adobe Lightroom, were 95% of editing is completed. However Lightroom is hindered by lack of shortcuts for its key editing sliders in Develop mode. This means that by default the user is having to edit using a mouse to drag small sliders left/right. This quickly becomes very tedious and is no doubt a quick route to repetitive strain injury.

The lack of inherent keyboard shortcuts has been resolved through the use of some free software called Paddy, which can be used to program various keypad devices with shortcut keys. Vastly decreasing editing time.

Chris uses the Logitech G13 gamepad which is a compact device that can actually have a surprising number of functions allocated to it. It has 23 keys which can all be switched between 4 different mappings, along with a small toggle joystick.

The main Develop sliders have been transposed onto the G13 keypad. In this mapped to be literally under thumb/finger in the correct logical order for editing. Two adjacent rows to make positive/negative changes to exposure, highlights, shadows, vibrance, black point, and vignette. Other keys have been programmed with various favorite Lightroom custom presets, with the useful single click short cuts to crop, set white point, and the horizon tool for straightening images. Best of all on the G13 keypad is the toggle joystick, allowing very easy image navigation left/right, or rotation (up/down). Adjacent to the joystick Chris has programmed the 2 keys to either accept or reject and image, allowing very quick culling during editing.

This combination of Lightroom, the Paddy freeware and the Logitech G13  gamepad has saved Chris countless hours editing and allowed him to edit and apply his special touch to his wedding images.

Check out some stunning wedding images from Ucluelet and Tofino on his website.

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