Linen Business Card Printing

Show them your best with linen business card printing.
A business card can say quite a bit about a business, organization, or single person. This is why it is wise
to invest in the best when it comes to your business cards. Using linen business card printing at Guru
Printers can show off your finer side.
Designing marketing tools like a business card should be done carefully and never rushed. Take your
time to get it right. You may never have another chance to make an impression like your first
impression. Think about what you want the potential client to think about you. When you care about
your business you will want to put your best foot forward and hand that client the finest business card

When deciding on paper for your business card you need a durable paper that will tolerate the natural,
normal wear and tear that business cards go through. Cardstock thickness is an absolute necessity. Too
flimsy and the card will not last. If your card becomes too tattered it may end up pitched in the garbage
can, and you will be out of the running for business from that person. So always pick high quality
options for your business card paper.
Linen cardstock for printing business cards is not necessarily new, but it is not used very often. People
seem to want to stick with the usual plain white background to their cards that white cardstock gives. It
is all right, but it just puts you in the same group with everyone else. Even if you do not want to get too
“experimental” with color, white linen cardstock will set you apart from the rest because of the texture.
Your potential customer will notice the different feel of your card and need to look at it. “What is that
different feel? I want to know,” is what they will think. Hopefully they will remember that you are the
person with the card that feels different, at the very least. The different texture should make your
business card more memorable and give you a shot at more business sales.
The type of paper you choose for your business cards should reflect your business, yourself, and even
the intended audience to a small extent. Your business card will be representing you to your potential
customer when you are not there, when they are back at their own office making decisions on who to
buy from. You want that card to remind them of you and what you have to offer. Linen shows a certain
level of refinement that just about every person wants to show.
Linen cardstock is versatile. You can print with raised ink or gold foil. It will take embossing as well.
That means that you can design the business card the way you want it to be, yet have the refined
background of linen. Add a splash of color to grab a customer’s eye. Red works the best but other
bright colors can seize the customer’s interest as well. If your business uses certain colors to represent
it then be sure to use those on your business card. When you want linen business card printing, turn to the experts at Guru Printers.

You will like the results!

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