L’Opera Restaurant Review

L’Opera Restaurant, located elegantly at the heart of Palais Garnier in 1 Place Jacques Rouché, ensures a standard of French experience that few restaurants offer in the country. The Design Restaurant Paris Opera France gives a whole new meaning to the art of eating, impressing crowds of thousands every single year. With a sincere staff, modern decorations and stunning colours, the place puts its best foot forward, turning almost every visitor into a repeat customer.


Gorgeous surroundings
The first thing about the restaurant that mesmerizes its guests is its uniquely appealing surroundings. With a blend of creamy gold and royal red, the restaurant looks absolutely breathtaking from the inside. The place feels extraordinarily classy, yet there is a modern element to it that makes its presence evident with equal intensity. An elaborate sitting area at its disposal indoors, the restaurant allows its guests to sit in the terrace, as well, if they so wish. Everything about the place, from lighting to smell, feels very comforting.

Fabulous food
Although it is the design of the L’Opera Restaurant that makes everyone’s jaw drop upon entering, what gives it a truly homely feel is its delicious collection of foods and drinks. From roasted king prawns to kaspia caviar osciètre selection, sea bream fillet to raw beef tartare, every dish offered by the restaurant tastes wonderful and native. That is, everything served carries a distinct flavour that can be found only in the restaurant, and nowhere else. In addition, the champagne collection of the restaurant can be regarded as almost as impressive as its extended menu of exclusive recipes.

Incomparable hospitality
Hospitality is the foundation of this Design Restaurant Paris Opera France. It is what makes this restaurant so great and timeless. All of its staff members truly understand the art of making guests comfortable. They are quick to respect suggestions and requests, and friendly in their mannerisms. Every server possesses the knowledge of the various offerings of the place, and can passionately explain to guests what each item in the menu is all about. Also, the staff members are highly susceptible to special requests. The new Chef name is Guillaume Tison-Malthé.



All of the above aspects, including architecture, delicacies and people, make the L’Opera Restaurant a wonderful place to be in for personal gatherings and business meetings, no doubt. But, what makes it the most special is its proximity to the Opera House and a number of different theatres located nearby.

website : www.opera-restaurant.fr
company name : L’Opera Restaurant
address : Palais Garnier – 1 place Jacques Rouche – 75009 Paris – Phone : +33 1 42 68 86 80
Open daily from 7am to midnight
photo link : http://pinterest.com/charlesgumery/

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