Major Search Engine Optimization Blunders You Must Avoid

There are some major Search Engine Optimization blunders you must avoid in order for your site to rank appropriately with search engines. One of these blunders is to place your back-links on random sites. Do not join the bandwagon of some webmasters that waste their effort and time creating so many accounts on blogs or message boards for the purpose of sharing comments with a link to their site.

Always think about quality and not quantity as this will work in a situation where you are sharing link within a community that already have confidence in you for the useful information you share. To achieve a better result, utilize your time and effort in creating a strong repute for yourself on the internet and search for websites where your links will be useful and interested to your targeted audience.

Another major blunder of Search Engine Optimization is your failure to update your site regularly which can cause it to languish. You ought to keep your site dynamic by attracting more visitors to it irrespective of how it is well optimized. Always update the content of your site by posting new articles twice a week or more and create new back-links on the site that your audience visits quite often. Use the recent content you have posted to add links to other updates to create awareness on message boards, blogs and social networks. Ensure that you concentrate more on quality content with strong keywords.


Furthermore, not staying up to date with keyword trends will rank your website low in search engine results. Those keywords with a high search volume at present may not likely be as high in search volume in about eight months from now, or such keywords might as well be used by a lot of your competitors.


You must maintain the track of the attention of your targeted audience in order to replace your old keywords with current ones. Ensure that you rewrite the content of your Meta tags, content of those pages central to your own website including that anchor text of your most important links anytime you make changes to your keyword approach.


Creating a complex design for your blog or website is another blunder frequently committed by web owners. Maintain a basic color pattern and keep away from adding images as part of your design. You should also avoid Java or JavaScript elements because it is not possible for search engine spiders to interpret these elements while a complex design will prevent them from navigating your site effectively.


Failure to include an XML map to your site for easy and smart navigation is another major Search Engine Optimization blunder of web owners. Remember that your menu should contain helpful keywords and your most essential pages should be easy to locate. Therefore, you should be able to bring attention to one or two links central to your marketing campaign with a simple design.  For example, to the pages where some of your product sales are being carried out. If your content is well optimized and if human visitors click on these links a lot, search engine spiders will index these pages.


Doing away with the blunders identified above should not be difficult if you take your time to do more investigation on SEO and come up with a total policy. Maintain the track of your results in order for you to get a better idea of which methods are more efficient than others.


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