Inside Matthew C. Martino’s £5000 a month PR-budget

Leaked reports from Matthew C. Martino’s 2013-2014 tax year accounts have shown the reason why the 22year old Film Executive & Entrepreneur came close to declaring bankruptcy as according to the reports the high society bachelor spend a mouth-watering £5000($7500) a month on publicity and PR services.


Martino who rose to the public eye with his pilots manual Lets Fly and the subsequent Lets Fly Academy is now known for his charitable trust the Matthew Martino Benevolent Fund which he is founder and benefactor of. Despite bankruptcy rumours surrounding him and his aviation firm Lets Fly Academy in late 2013 the Zimbabwean born Oligarch has stood strong and TheRichest ranks Martino’s net worth as of 2014 at £150k($200k).

The leaked accounts show that in the months of August 2013, September 2013 and October 2013 Martino paid out £5,123, £4955 and £5394 respectively for publicity and PR services. Although no further breakdown is provided as to whom exactly the payments where made out to they could also include wages for his PR team.

Martino’s PR team includes Sharon Harris, Carol Suvarov and Tucker PR is a firm Martino is thought to favour.

Well I’m sure if you’re worth £150k then having a £5k a-month expenditure is no big deal, Martino has answered critics directly as he doesn’t drive according to official records and the 22year no more makes use of bodyguards or private air travel.

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