Medieval Engineers game

Medieval Engineers is a game that focuses on the construction, engineering and maintenance of mechanical equipment and architectural works with the use of medieval technology. The players build fortifications, castles and cities, construct engines and mechanical devices, perform underground mining and landscaping.

Medieval Engineers allows a player to build a castle similar to what obtains in the Middle Ages. The interesting aspect of this game is the fact that it is a sandbox where a player can create his own structures and experimentation is very vital if he want to build the best of castles. Although multiplayer option is currently not available, the game will allow players to attack castles built by other players, while bearing in mind that their own castles are also unguarded and hence, they need to have the best of defense setup.


This game is all about developing a player’s ability to create the best fortifications, while at the same time showcasing his skillfulness in the design of war devices that will overcome the enemies. The game derives its inspiration from realistic medieval technology and the methods used in building mechanical equipment and architectural works by exploring the technology of the Middle Ages. Medieval Engineers seek to adhere to the laws of history and physics and do make use of any technology that was never available within the times of the 5th to 15th century.

Another interesting thing about Medieval Engineers is that a player can focus on constructing items in the large game world or can also play this game as an action game and explore the game world. The developers encourage engineering and the use of war equipment and machines to attack fortifications, but players will also be able to engage in man to man combat as soon as the multiplayer option becomes available. For Medieval Engineers Server Hosting check out this page: